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Kids Menu Template: Choosing the Best Form for Your Kids


Hello, great and creative parents? Do you need a form of the kids menu template? If you do, you should follow this information carefully. Actually, to make this printable kids menu template, you can do it creatively. It is, of course, that you have to make this kind of template look so attractive. The reason is that it will attract your kids’ attention. Here, you will know some menu templates that can be your reference to make it.

kids menu in photoshop

4 Great Samples of the Kids Menu Template

You have to learn that this kind of free PSD template offers 4 samples that you can choose. Here are the samples.

  1. The template of kids menu free PDF format

This sample kids menu template will show you that it is available in PDF format. Then, this menu template is included in the colorful one so that it looks very interesting to use. There will be some components that you should write. They are the title, the menu of entree, the menu of side, the menu of drink, and desserts.

  1. The template of kids meal menu

In this second template free PSD, you will know that this template is suitable for kids who like blue color. This color is used for the background of this template. It also uses the other one like white and embellished with small yellow stars. It will look more amazing. For the elements, there is the title, a picture of kids, some delicious menus like drinks, and meals. In addition, it is included the price of each menu.

kids menu in psd design

  1. The template of kids menu with sea cartoons

Do your kids like sea animals? If it is so, this kids menu template sample is appropriate for your kids. You have to recognize that this kind of template applies a dark blue background. Then, what about the design of this template? Surely, this menu template is decorated with some funny animals in the sea. They can be yellow fish, blue, octopus, blue jellyfish, orange crab, and blue sea horse. Moreover, there are also some small sea stones and a grey anchor.

kids menu psd templates

  1. The template of sample kids dinner menu

How about this free template in PSD? Beautifully, this template uses a dark blue background and there is a white cloud on the edge of the template. You can write the title on the white cloud background. Then, for the menus, you may include on the dark blue background.  Besides, it allows you to adhere to a shaped paper for writing the menus. It can be in the form of fruits, flowers, squares, and others. It looks so wonderful, right?


Steps to Create a Menu Template Using Fotor’s Menu Maker

If you want to create a menu template for your kids, you can use the app of Fotor’s menu maker. Here are the steps in the PSD template free.

  1. Open the feature

First, please open the feature of Fotor Design! Here, you may choose the menu templates.

kids menu psd

  1. Choose the design

Then, this customizable PSD template allows choosing the desired design. You can set the background in this step.

kids menu templates psd

  1. Save the work

The last step in this free download PSD means that saving the work after selecting the format and size that you want.

kids menu templates for photoshop kids menu psd templates

Kids Menu Samples

kids menu customizable psd design templates kids menu example psd design

Kids Menu Templates Free

kids menu in photoshop

It is about the kids menu template printable. Try it nicely!



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