Fundraising Agreement Template

Fundraising Agreement: Donate Your Money Properly

What do you know about a fundraising agreement? Actually, this kind of agreement is made by organizations and professional people. It is created to help their efforts of fundraising for a certain fee. Then, you have to know that this printable fundraising agreement should cover certain legal matters well. Besides, you should also be able to get professional people because they can develop the necessary strategies to get maximum people to donate. Furthermore, to know the examples of this agreement, you can check them in the information below.

Sample Basic Fundraiser Agreement 1

6 Examples of the Fundraising Agreement

It will be provided for you 6 examples of this agreement. You may use and choose it based on your need. So, here are the examples.

  1. The agreement format of fundraising program

In this agreement template, some elements are mainly written. They are like fundraising representative, responsible party, organization name, billing address, primary and secondary contact, phone, email, and information disclaimer.

  1. The agreement of corporate fundraising

This sample fundraising agreement tells the agreement of community fundraising and confidentiality form. The elements are name, address, phone, email, event name, start date, end date, estimated costs and revenue, event description, and basic fundraising policies.

  1. The agreement sample of fundraising

What about this agreement sample? You will find some components like general, collections, raffles and lotteries, and events.

  1. The agreement of elegant fundraising

It will show a wanting to raise money for Greenpeace. There are the agreement and conditions in this template. The second element contains fundraiser registration form, fundraiser authorization card, fundraising proposal form, paying in form, and others.

  1. The fundraise of printable agreement

How about this next fundraising agreement sample? It covers the main components of the title, first name, name of the company, position, address, postcode, email, and contact phone. Then, there are also the terms and conditions, fundraiser’s name, event name, signature, and date.

  1. The agreement of basic fundraiser

In this last example of this agreement, it tells the challenge event terms and conditions. For the components, there are the registration and participation, minimum fundraising target, and donations and payment terms.


5 Easy Steps to Write the Agreement of Fundraising

When creating this kind of agreement, you are suggested to follow these steps below. What are they? Here are available for you.

  1. Identify the fundraiser

The first step that you have to do is identifying the fundraiser and also the organization. You can mention the name, address, and location.

  1. Mention the services

In this case, you can promote the activities that will be conducted by the fundraiser. You may do it in emails, telephone calls, SMS, and media advertisements.

  1. Specify the amount

Here, you should specify the compensation amount that will be provided to the fundraiser in this document. It can include extra project expenses.

  1. State confidentiality

The condition of the non-disclosure clause will convince that no confidential data will be published without permission.

  1. Write the terms and conditions

Both elements should be written in this agreement to specify that the agreement contract is agreed upon by both parties.

Sample Corporate Fundraising Agreement

Sample Elegant Fundraising Agreement Sample Fundraising Agreement Sample Sample Fundraising Program Agreement Format Sample Printable Agreement to fundraise

That’s all about the information about the fundraising agreement printable. To get a better understanding, please learn it well!

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