Basic Lease Agreement Template

Basic Lease Agreement Examples: A Template to Tell a Rental Contract

Basic lease agreement examples can be also stated as a basic rental agreement. In other words, it can be defined as a written document that is created and signed by the tenant and lease. In this case, a tenant is a person who rents the property. Then, the lease is a person who lets the house on lease. This kind of printable basic lease agreement example contains the terms and conditions. To get more information about it, you can check the lists of the template examples below.

Sample Basic House Lease Agreement

7 Lists of the Basic Lease Agreement Examples

You have to know that this agreement template offers 7 lists that are mainly created by many people. Are you curious about those examples? If the answer is true, please follow it carefully!

  1. The agreement template of basic cropland lease

This template contains some important components that you have to know. The elements are such as operator, owner, address, telephone, property description, the term of the lease, and purpose of the lease.

  1. The agreement free download of the basic multi-year lease

In this second list of sample basic lease agreement examples, what can you find? Yea, there will be the lease agreement, lessor, lessee, prologue and statements of purpose, description of leased premises, lease terms, and lease fee.

  1. The agreement of basic land lease

How about this one? There are some elements that should be included in this agreement template. They are the lease agreement, lessor, lessee, business location, whereas, site, purpose and use, the term of the lease, additional term, and rent payment.

  1. The template of the basic commercial lease agreement

It consists of the title, date, landlord, tenant, address of the building, legal description of the building, other numbers of leased building, and term. The other elements are start date, end date, renewal term, rental, annual rent, monthly rental amount, security deposit, and landlord’s designated payment address.

  1. The agreement in Word of free basic house lease

What about this basic lease agreement examples sample? It covers the lessee, date, landlord, tenants, premises, term, rent, security deposit, quiet enjoyment, and use of premises.

  1. The agreement of basic month to month lease

There are some elements in this template. Those elements are the title, lease, landlord, tenant, parties, premises, lease term, lease payments, late charges, insufficient funds, security deposit, and defaults.

  1. The agreement of basic equipment lease

It contains the title, agreement, lessor, lessee, parties, equipment, lease term, lease payments, late charges, security deposit, and delivery.

2 Great Benefits of Using the Agreement Template of Basic Lease

If you make this kind of agreement template, you will get 2 main benefits of it. What are they? Here they are.

  1. Well designed

You have to know that this agreement template is well designed, professional, and easy to use by everyone. It is because this agreement template has been designed by professionals.

  1. Provide terms and conditions

Greatly, most of the terms and conditions are provided in this lease agreement template. In this case, you can download the appropriate template and based on your needs.

Sample Basic Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Sample BasicCropland Lease Agreement Template Sample Month To Month Lease Agreement

Well, it is the information about the basic lease agreement examples printable. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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