10 sample Travel Brochure Template

Travel Brochure Template: Having a Great Holiday


Do you want to go to a certain place to have such a vacation? If the answer is true, you should check the travel brochure template first. Completely, it can help you to find everything related to travel or having a holiday. It can be the tour options, prices, services, and many more. This printable travel brochure template will provide some template types that you may choose.

Travel Brochure psd templates

5 Types of the Travel Brochure Template

This travel brochure offers 5 primary types of the template that you can create based on your needs. So, let’s follow the template free PSD below in detail!

  1. The trifold brochure of elegant tour travel

The first sample travel brochure template has a colorful design. It will look so interesting and elegant. In this brochure template, you can find the amazing picture of beautiful places that you can enjoy. Besides, there are also other important elements that you have to include. They are like the title of tour and travel, contact details, office address, phone, email, and others.

  1. The brochure of beach theme tourism

In this second free template in PSD, you will see that this travel brochure contains the beach theme. It is, of course, that the picture on the brochure template is a beautiful beach. Here, you can know the travel information about this beach tourism. Actually, it covers the ways of how to book, booking fee, privacy, payment, cancellations, and the law of contract. In addition, this kind of brochure template will be a great choice for the designers of the travel brochure.

Travel Brochure templates psd

  1. The trifold brochure of student travel

How about this travel brochure template sample? It shows the student travel that covers empowerment through exploration. The background of this brochure template is blue and there is a picture of students who travel to certain places. Then, you need to know that this template is about summer travel programs. For the elements, there is the program design, matters included, safety, about us, reason to choose the travel, enrollment step, and contact details.

Travel Brochure templates for photoshop

  1. The trifold brochure of travel tour

Then, the fourth kind of free download PSD is about an amazing holiday. The important aspects that are provided are like the price, special discount, tour options, shopping, vacation, and some amazing tourism places. Moreover, this template has three folds and so interesting to see with the colorful theme.

Travel Brochure psd templates

  1. The template of a unique travel brochure

This last free PSD template uses two colors combination that is white and red for the background. Here, you will know some written elements like the introductory letter, headlines, services, price, and the title. In addition, there is a picture that shows someone travels a certain place.

Travel Brochure customizable psd design templates

Uses of the Travel Brochure Templates

This kind of brochure template provides some main uses. Here they are available in the PSD template free.

  1. Convey information

This template is to convey most of the information in the amount of space.

Travel Brochure example psd design

  1. Promote a business

This customizable PSD template will help you to promote your business to the clients. You can do it by creating the template of the travel brochure.

Travel Brochure psd      Travel Brochure in photoshop Travel Brochure in photoshop Travel Brochure in psd design

It is the reference to the travel brochure template printable. You may choose the desired and needed one.




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