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Treatment Note Templates for Reliable Medical Record

Treatment note is one of the important parts in the medical record. Doctors, nurses, and therapists write all information about patients on that note. In order to make the note simple yet precise, you can rely on treatment note templates.

sample counseling progress notes

Treatment Note Templates Purposes

To make a proper note, you must determine the purpose or objective. The treatment note is dedicated as the record for patients when receiving the treatment. Such records must be kept in the private area. Doctors and patients have consented to agree the regarding the treatment or therapy.

Some records only have minor detail because the situation is less severe. On the other hand, you often see the long record from the patient that has been in treatment for years. This record utilizes different treatment note templates.

Treatment Note Templates Main Contents

If the patients have a minor mental illnesses, such as stress, they will have simple content in their treatment notes. For more distress situations, the note has to be detail and accuracy. Mental illness requires a professional to diagnose and perform the proper treatment. You can check it from the note of what has been implemented including planning for further therapy or medication.

Treatment Note Templates and Samples

To know more about treatment note templates, you must see samples. Learning from example has been the best method, especially for doctors and health practitioners. You can find several samples for treatment notes listed in the following section.

  1. Counseling note

Counseling note is the most common treatment document that therapist produces. Every session is necessary to be in proper documentation. This note has items that patients must provide. Of course, contents depend on what kind of counseling the therapist conduct.


  1. Doctor treatment note

Doctor treatment note is part of a medical examination including diagnosing record. It explains what patients receive during the treatment session. As similar to counseling, a doctor has the right to perform and decide the best method.


  1. Patient treatment record

A patient has a medical record, even though no direct invasive treatment is performed. Mental illness and any illness not related to physical have a different record. Hospitals and clinic including doctor have a record for treatment notes.


  1. Note for progress

Some notes only provide the latest situation. It is not enough for certain illnesses and conditions. Treatment note includes progress record to explain step by step regarding patient wellbeing since the first consultation until the last session.

Treatment Note Templates Advantages

The doctor and therapist have a responsibility to deliver proper treatment. They ensure the patients can obtain treatment based on the diagnosis and session. Usually, they already have a template, but some items are necessary to update.

This is why they rely on the template. Creating their own note takes time if you start from scratch or complete the blank form. On contrary, the template is ready file that’s easy to complete because it already has outline and items. More advantages for having templates will be listed at below section.

  1. Professional note
  2. Relevant items
  3. Free template

As you can see, the note is professional which means the template is from expert or experienced creators. All items in treatment note templates are relevant to what you need. Last thing to consider is free file, so you do not have to spend any fee.

Sample Progress Notes

Sample Treatment Provider Letter Treatment Doctor’s Note for School Treatment Sick Note

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