SOAP Note Templates

SOAP Note Templates for Medical And Health Service

Medical and health treatment utilize specific methods when providing service and cure to patients. In order to handle and deal with patients, the hospital implements a SOAP approach. It stands for subjective cues, objective cues, assessment, and planning. To ensure all steps are properly addressed, the hospital relies on SOAP note templates.

The template has been the best choice to ensure the SOAP is implemented. Hospitals, nursing services, and health providers have many things to do. Preparing from scratch takes time and not very effective. The template is the ready file, so the nurses, doctors, therapists, and others can just put necessary information on it. After that, the note is ready with a complete result.

Blank Soap Note Template

SOAP Note Templates Concept and Structure

To know more about SOAP note templates, you should understand the concept and structure. Medical treatment and health service evolve to adapt with the latest situation. The old approach is improved and enhanced to be more effective and efficient.

More problems, such as illness, bacteria, viruses, and disease appear in the modern ear. Patients require quick and effective treatment. Without a prior diagnosis, the hospital cannot proceed with it. This is when the SOAP method starts to gain attention. Four structures are the foundation to what modern health service delivery.

SOAP Note Templates Samples

You can check some samples to understand what SOAP looks like. Keep in mind SOAP is not a comprehensive note for the medical record. On the contrary, it is designed for specific conditions and situations. SOAP for pediatric is different from nursing even though both are at the same patient.

  1. Blank SOAP note
  2. Pediatric SOAP note
  3. Physical therapy SOAP note
  4. Nursing SOAP note
  5. Medical SOAP note
  6. Nutrition SOAP note
  7. Daily treatment and progress SOAP note

SOAP Note Templates Main Contents

As it mentioned above, you know what SOAP consists of. The next list gives more explanation about the contents in SOAP note templates.

  1. Subjective cues

Subjective cues are signs or feel that patients say. Usually, a nurse or doctor asks the patient about what they feel. It is from the patient perspective, which means cues are subjective. This part helps the doctor to understand what should do to make patients feel comfortable.


  1. Objective cues

Subjective cues are not enough because treatment must use objective and real conditions. In this part, the nurse measures several aspects such as height, temperature, heart rate, blood pressure level, weight, and breathing rate. Furthermore, cues also come from a laboratory result that has significant detail.


  1. Assessment

Cues are ready at hand and the next step is assessment. This is a crucial part because health providers will determine what situation and illness patients have. This part is mostly called a diagnose. Proper diagnose is important before treatment. Of course, everything must come after reading comprehensive cues that explain signs and symptoms.


  1. Planning

The last part is planning which formulates and enlist what treatments patients will receive. This part will include a method to overcome the patient’s feelings and real condition.

SOAP Note Templates Benefits

Having a template shortens your way when preparing the SOAP note. All files are free, so everyone can have and learn it. Moreover, hospitals or health providers may add or extend it with new things. It doesn’t matter as long as the basic layout for SOAP note templates is still the same.

Daily Progress Soap Template

Medical Soap Note Template Newborn Soap Note Template Nursing Soap Note Template Pediatric Soap Note Template Physical Therapy Soap Note Template Soap Note Template Word Format Download

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