Death Note Template

Death Note Template for Official and Legal Documentation

Death brings tears and sadness to people who are left behind, especially the family and close friends. On the other hand, this situation must be addressed properly. As you know, someone is no longer in this world but still has a problem and wish that must be done. This is when you prepare the death note. Usually, the hospital has a death note assigned as a legal document.

Before exploring more about this kind note, you must know a few things. This note comes from two sources, which are the legal and official sources. A family receives note containing the information, such as to cause, medication, treatment, and last condition. On the other hand, patients have the right to overcome their issues before leaving the real world. This note will be the basis for all actions, particularly the legal activities.

Death Note Template Contents

Death note for official documentation has straightforward contents. You can see the items that are familiar in the legal document. The next list provides some content you often see on this note.

  1. Basic information

This information is confidential but hospital or health service has the right to open basic identification data to the public. This part includes name, address, date of death, illness, and contact number.

  1. Cause of death

When a person is dead, two things are mostly people who want to know. There are names and causes of death. The latter should be careful when putting into the public note. The hospital usually only provide one phrase or word to refer to this situation. There is no long explanation unless note for a certain purpose.


  1. Treatment and latest condition

Note also includes treatments and procedures that the patient has received during his or her day in the hospital. This part is mostly after illness and cause of death in order to explain more about the latest condition.


  1. Funeral arrangement

The last part is the funeral arrangement. Some hospitals provide funeral services to ensure the family does not have to worry about the next action to do.

Death Note Design and Outline

Outline for death notes depends on what information the patients want people to know. A personal note is often less formal but still has outlined to ensure all contents are relevant. This is when a template becomes important. You have many things to write but do not have much time for writing.

The template guides patients in order to make a proper note. Put the most important thing in the first section. Some contents are the top priority, which must be added properly. For a hospital, the template is usually a fixed form that’ necessary to complete.

Death Note Template Sample

You will find some samples for this note. This is a not difficult thing to find because everyone should prepare it. Even though you are not a patient, thinking about this note seems to be a useful way.

  1. Medical death note
  2. Note for brain death patient
  3. Hospital death notice

Death Note Template Platform

Al templates are ready to fulfill your needs. Each is dedicated to a specific situation, mostly related to severe conditions and hospital. Patients can have their death note that will be published after death is confirmed. After that, the funeral arrangement begins until all procedures are done.

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