Bereavement Thank You Note

Bereavement Thank You Note Templates to Express Sympathy


A bereavement thank you note is a kind of writing in the tone of sympathy. It is written to relatives or spouse of someone who have just passed away. Normally, this note is delivered right after the funeral. Writing to someone grieving is not easy at all. You should pick the right wording and the right way to express and showing the sympathy. Here is more information about the note and the template.


Simple Bereavement Thank You Note Writing


In a good bereavement thank you note, you should understand how to write it properly. Down below, there are several elements of the note considered as mandatory. When you try to write down the note, make sure that these elements are there on the note. Read the further information about them down below before attempting to write the note.

  1. Show Sympathy

The note must contain a lot of wordings that show your sympathy. After all, it is the note addressed to those who have just lost someone they love. Use the words “condolences” a lot as it will help showing them that you are, too, grieving for them. By showing them well, you will help them recover from the dark, gloomy feel after the funeral.


  1. Express Admiration of the Deceased

To help making sure that the family of the deceased will be all right after the funeral, remember that their loved one who has just passed away was a good person. Show admiration of the deceased and remind them the good things and legacy about the deceased. It should be written very clearly on the note.


Bereavement Thank You Note to Clergy


Sometimes the bereavement thank you note is not addressed to the grieving. Instead, it is addressed to the clergy or the friar on the funeral. Usually, this note is used to praise the clergy for delivering great eulogy of the deceased that eventually moved everyone attending the funeral. This is the example and template to use for this particular purpose.


Bereavement Thank You Note for Widow and Widower


The hardest part of a sympathy note making is when you have to write to the spouse of the deceased. It means that you have to write the note to the widow and widower as now they are in deep grieving time. This is the template to use.


Bereavement Thank You Note to Coworkers


When a family or spouse of your coworker is passed away, the note should be written really well as you will meet the coworker in a daily basis. Use this template and it will help you express the words of wisdom and good saying for the coworkers and help them remember their deceased spouse in a graceful way.


There is no need to get confused anymore about writing a sympathy note. Even though it is really hard to express sadness and sorrow in a note, you do not have to do it all alone now. The right templates are all available there, waiting for you to use. This is the reason why you really need to consider using those bereavement thank you note templates instead of writing the wordings on your own.

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