Interview Thank You Note

Interview Thank You Note with Various Layouts

Giving thank you note shows you have proper manner and behavior. In business and employment, the company will put more values for such candidates. You can create an interview thank you note to express your gratitude. It seems trivial and less important but has a significant impact if you are in fierce competition with others.

Interview Thank You Note Main Idea

The idea for thank you note has been a part of human history. You often see the note that contains thank you letters to a person, people, organization, or anything. This kind of note is also part of an educational system. Students should learn how to make this note. The proper words show the character of the writer.

You may prepare and write an interview thank you note because you have a purpose. The company enlists some candidates with the potential to become an employee. Each will enter the interview session. Candidates must expose their skill and intention, so the company can value them objectively.

After the interview, some of them just leave without saying anything. Few of them, even only one candidate, may send the thank you note. This is when the company and the HR department see something that makes the candidate is different from others.

Interview Thank You Note Template Outline

The template for the interview thank you note has outlined. You can write this note from scratch because it is not much difficult. However, the result might not be as good as following the template. You write for the company and the contents must be considered. The outline should include certain aspects listed in the below section.

  1. Clear intention and official vibe

It is not lettered you send it to parents. You only write it for one purpose as only gratitude because you have the opportunity to be in an interview session. You do not need to add any intention in this note, except only thank you. Moreover, the words have to be formal and official to show your professionalism.


  1. Simple and short but precise

The note is simple and short but precise. This is a challenging task because most people put words that are not supposed to be in the sentence. Thank you note has to be precise without unnecessary introduction and triviality.


  1. Send to right person or address

The last part about this note is the proper recipient. You can deliver notes to people who are in the interview room asking questions. The template has a section at the top to guide the right person or address you should send this note.

Interview Thank You Note Samples

Some templates are useful to develop relevant thank you note. You can use samples for reference. You should choose the right one before creating it on your own.

  1. Direct thank note
  2. Thank you note for after an interview
  3. Handwritten note
  4. Email note
  5. Job interview thank you note

The direct note seems to be the best option. You can give the note directly to people after the interview is done. If this action is impossible, you have alternatives, such as email and phone messages.

Interview Thank You Note Template Platform

The templates are available with many platforms. They are word, excel, and PDF that accessible in your device. Moreover, the files are free that everyone can download. That’s what you should know about the interview thank you note.

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