Business Thank You Note

Maintaining Professional Relationship through Business Thank You Note

Showing gratitude is one of business attitudes that can cultivate a strong business relationship that brings to success. Through a professional business thank you note, you can communicate your gratitude well to clients, colleagues, managers, boss, or anyone in your business circumstance.

Benefits of Writing Business Thank You Note

Writing business thank you note is form of a good manner as a business person. It may be a great asset that profitable for the business because good manner can build stronger trust and convenience between business partners.

For example, a thank you note can convey your gratitude to your customers who has purchased your products or has used your service. Receiving your thank you note, the customers will feel special and might plan to be your regular customers.

Choosing the Exact Medium and Time to Write Business Thank You Note

To express your gratitude to your business relations through thank you note, you can choose to write or type it since both are considered to be formal in business correspondence. If your handwriting is not good enough, typing the thank you note will be better. Send the note as soon as possible.

Another option available to show your appreciation through thank you note is getting a nice designed thank you card which allows you to write the message. Simple card is enough as long as it keeps the professional look.

What about Sending Electronic Business Thank You Note?

When the time is limited and you want to send the business thank you note fast, sending the gratitude via e-mail can be an alternative. If you insist to choose a letter or card, use a quick delivery service to send it but it will be quite expensive.

Steps to Write a Business Thank You Note

It might be a thank you note, but a business thank you note should be written in the right format just like the other business letters to maintain the professionalism that can affect your business’ credibility.

  1. Apply the standard format

A standardized business letter includes the sender’s info, date, receiver’s info, salutation, body, closing, and the sign-off. In case if you send a card, you only need to include the date, formal greeting, your message, closing, and sign-off.


  1. Start with formal greeting

Write formal salutations before the receiver’s name. Writing the person’s title is preferable if it is available. If you don’t know the receiver’s gender, write the full name after the salutation.


  1. Thank the receiver in the first two sentences

It is important to be brief because you don’t know whether the receiver has lots of time to read your note or not. After that, write a little details of how the receiver helped you.


  1. Mention about future relationship

This is the crucial part and the main essence of the thank you note if you want to maintain a continuous cooperation with the receiver. Use simple words like “I am looking forward another chance to work with you again” or “I would love to work with you again”.

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