Thank You Note Sample

Thank You Note Sample and Templates

When you receive a gift in some occasions like a wedding, Christmas, birthday, graduation, and holiday, it is important to express your gratitude to the sender. Calling the sender right away once the gift arrived is the best thing to do, but if you are not in the right condition to do it or if you want to show more appreciation, just send the note. Let’s check the details of the thank you note sample below.


The Essence of Thank You Note Sample

Writing thank you note sample to other person is a modest manner to express your appreciation. There is no need to be oh-so-poetic in writing the thank you message. Selecting words that reflect your usual way to talk is the best decision to make.

Showing your true self through your own words may indicate sincerity in the notes that will make the others feel appreciated and make their day.

What to Write in Thank You Note Sample

In case you get the gift in the form of money and you plan to spend it, say in the note about what you plan the money for and add how the gift helps you a lot. Second, if you plan to save it, let the sender know how the gift will help you in a long-term period.

The last choice, if you do not want to indicate what you will do with the gift, moreover if you are thinking about using it for your privacy things, simply say thank you to the gift sender and skip the explanation about what you will do with the gift.

How to Write a Proper Thank You Note Sample

You can choose to buy a thank you card or make your own thank you note sample. If you decide to use a thank you card, consider the blank card is better than the one with the pre-printed message because you can write your own words on it.

  1. Write the date

Insert the date and day when you write the note. The sooner you write the note after receiving the gift, it is better.


  1. Put your warmest greeting on the left side of the page after the date

Pay attention about to whom you will send the note to decide the formality.


  1. Give an introduction

Write a brief opening before the thank you message.


  1. Write the thank you message

Choose the right expression to represent what you feel about the gift. Be sincere and honest about what you do to the gift or better not to talk about it if you consider it as your privacy.


  1. Write the closing

You can say how thankful you are one more time here or directly close the message with words that depend on the formality of the note.

Tips to Make Your Thank You Note Sample More Valuable

To be polite, do not mention the amount of gift in your thank you note sample. In addition, try not to make the note too complicated and long because the most important is just to let the senders know how much their gift helped you.

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