Funeral Thank You Note

Funeral Thank You Note Samples and Guides to Send

Saying goodbye to the person you love through the process of funeral is far from an easy job. However, the support from other may help to lift some of the burden. It is common for people to send condolences or sympathy to help you getting through that difficult time of yours. After the hard time has passed, it is time to send back a gratitude note to express things you wanted to say during the funeral. Explore these samples of funeral thank you note to help you find and send the right wordings for them.

Funeral Thank You Note Elements

With the saddening event you have experienced, it can be overwhelming to express the words that could convey your feelings properly. That’s why you may need some guidance on creating the gratitude letter or card after the funeral. These are the things that should be included inside the funeral thank you note.

  1. Recipient’s name

Open the letter by addressing the recipient such as “Dear, (name)” as it is the most appropriate way to begin almost any letter.

  1. The gratitude note

In this section, you must write to acknowledge the support and help you’ve received from the person, including the prior condolences they’ve sent. You should use gratitude word such as “Thank you.”


  1. Following sentiment

This can be considered as the follow up or extended words of your gratitude. You may write how the help you received has helped you or how you feel at the moment.


  1. Sign off

Write the concluding words and sign the note off by saying “Sincerely,” “Love always,” “Best wishes,” and so on.

Funeral Thank You Note Recipients

The funeral thank you note doesn’t need to be created lengthy or fancily. The most important thing is to make sure you’ve sent them to anyone that has done something to help you. These are the list of people you want to send the note to:

  1. People who gave or sent condolence flowers.
  2. People who gave donation financially to help your family.
  3. People who gave helping hand in various ways such as provided food or transportation, assisting the funeral, etc.)
  4. The musicians who perform during the event of funeral.
  5. Clergy or pastor who led the funeral.
  6. The Pallbearers.

Sending Funeral Thank You Note

Writing the gratitude note, message, or letter can be difficult if you’re still grieving for your loved ones. However, it is still important to acknowledge the help, support, and kindness for every helping hand as soon as possible. The note may also be sent by your family member or your close friend in behalf of yourself. Typically, the most ideal time to send the note is within couple of weeks after the memorial or funeral service.

Funeral Thank You Note Samples

Typically, funeral thank you note is written by hand instead of being printed out to send personalized message. The message can be anything from simple to healing. You may want to check out these sample wordings of funeral sympathy to write on your own.


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