Excuse Note for Work and School Template

Get the Excuse Note for Work and School Template

Besides being sick, of course there are also times when you cannot go to work or school. If you are student or worker who has to do the activities during workday, this can be a problem. Usually, you need to ask for permission to be absent from school or company. Since the schools and companies are official institutions, you should make the excuse note for work and school in the good and correct language. Therefore, you should use a template, so your excuse note looks more formal.

What is Excuse Note for Work and School?

Excuse notes for work and school are the type of document sent by employees to their boss and students to their teachers. Well, it explains their absence. If your reason because of your poor medical condition, you may also need to attach doctor’s note to prove it. Although the validity of excuse note depends on your company or school, it would be better if you know or even can write it.

Excuse note for work and school itself consists of various types. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Doctor Work Excuse Template
  2. Letter Sample for Jury Excuse
  3. Jury Service Medical Excuse Template
  4. Parent Excuse Template
  5. Physician’s Excuse Template
  6. Early Leaving Excuse Template

The Reasons You Need Excuse Note for Work and School

As explained earlier, schools and companies are in official scope. Therefore, the language used should be formal. The use of templates is intended to make the notes look more professional and easy to read. Besides, the template can help if you have never made an excuse note before.

Tips to Write the Proper Excuse Note for Work and School

To make the proper excuse note, there are some things you should note. Here they are.

  1. Be professional

Excuse notes are included as excuse letters, so you should use the business letter format since excuse letters are considered as official documents. Make sure the note sounds professional to the reader.


  1. Understand the policies in your company or school

In the rules, you are usually asked to submit an excuse note if you plan to be absent or experience an emergency. Just read and understand the policies of your company or school, so there aren’t any mistakes.


  1. Make an excuse note briefly but in detail

Excuse notes don’t have to be long, as long as the reason for your absence is “reasonable.” Don’t waste the reader’s time by making them read long excuses. You can immediately write the essence without wordy sentences.


  1. Write in a polite and humble language

Your note may be judged by your supervisor and teacher. With polite and humble language, it will show them if you are a professional and know how to take responsibility for your actions. Make sure to use your full name and title if necessary.

Free Excuse Note for Work and School Templates

If you plan to make excuse note for school or work, it is better to use suitable template. A little advice for you: find a template for free. For your information, there are various types of excuse notes that can be used for different purposes, along with the tips and other interesting information.

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