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A blank Cornell note is usually needed by school kids or college students. They do need the note to make sure that they can take note of their lessons with ease. This is the type of note with details and particular spaces to write down details. If you need the template of the note, it can be found over here and you do not need to pay for it as it is all for free. Here they are.

Blank Cornell Note at Glance


It is not in everyone’s knowledge to understand what blank Cornell note is. That is why the information down below is needed. These explanations will tell you exactly what a Cornell note is and what the usages of the note are. By understanding them a little bit you should know where and when to use the note for sure. Down below is the explanation.

  1. What is Cornell Note?

Cornell note is a kind of note invented by Walter Pauk. He invited the note in the 1940s when he was working at Cornell University, hence the name Cornell notes. This is the type of note with organizing methods so that you can write details and organized the content of the note quite easily.


  1. The Usage of Cornell Note

Most of the time, the note is used by a university student or school kids to take note of their lessons. As there are a lot of spaces in the note to write on details, they will not miss anything of the content. The note has another usage to ease the reader to find the main point of the content, too.


School Blank Cornell Note


The most common place where a blank Cornell note will be used is at school. Students can take note of their lessons at school and write them down on the note. The note intended for a student must have a simpler design so that they won’t get confused in using them. One of the examples and the template of this particular note is going to be found here.


Blank Cornell Note Sheet


The note is usually available in the form of books or sheets. However, if you have no time in buying them on your own, you can create one by using this one template available here. All you have to do is just printing this blank template and write on them later on.


PDF Blank Cornell Note


The best format for the note is PDF. This way, the note will have the flexibility to be opened in devices of different types. If you want the PDF template of the note, it should be available here. They are free as you do not need to make payment for them.


It is believed that using the note will be so much better than using just a regular piece of paper. The note contains parts for details and everything else. This is why everyone can read the content of the note effortlessly. Do not forget to use those templates up above to create your very own note as using the blank Cornell note eases the entire process.

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