Concept Note Template

Concept Note Template for Various Projects and Agendas


On some occasions, people can make concept note. It is like a common proposal. The content is quite similar, but it has a simplified concept, so it is commonly shorter and has fewer pages than a common proposal. However, the function is quite similar. There are many kinds of concept notes and it is also easier to make when there is a concept note template. The simple templates are already use to make people find fewer difficulties in making the notes.

Some Elements in the Concept Note Template Design


There are many kinds of concept notes. These commonly depend on the function of the notes. Of course, even if there are many types of them, generally there are similar elements in the templates and these are some of them.

  1. Title

Of course, the first part is the title. This gives an overview of the details.


  1. Concept background

This shows the reason for making the concept or project.


  1. Objectives

This part is about the goals to achieve by conducting the projects or proposals.


  1. Action plans

This is about the steps and preparation to achieve the objectives or goals of the projects. In some concept notes, there may also be part of the budget after this point.


Concept Note Samples in PDF


The concept note template can be helpful since the template can provide the outlines and other points regarding the page formats. However, it is still quite tricky to make it, especially for those who are lack experience in making the concept notes. That is why they may need some samples.


Samples can give enough references. In this case, samples can be found easily. Many websites can give them suitable samples, so they can have good ideas of how to make the concept notes. Of course, it is possible to download the samples in PDF formats. It is easy to use and even it can be printed without any problems.


Design Concept Note Template


As what is mentioned above, people can find many kinds of templates for the concept notes. Various options of template designs and formats can be found. In this case, the design concept note template is one of the common templates to find.


As its name, the concept note is dedicated to certain project design. It can be used by the interior and exterior designers, architects, and other people who work in certain projects. The concept notes can provide some details regarding the design, so the stakeholders can easily understand the project better.


Downloadable Concept Note Template


In order to get the templates, downloading the files becomes one of the possible options. It will be easy to do since some websites can provide downloadable templates. These can be more helpful since people do not need to make the templates on their own.

Regarding the downloadable templates, some of them are paid templates. However, it is also possible to get free templates. These templates are also editable, so it is possible to modify the details in the concept note template, and it can be useful to use in many kinds of contexts and circumstances.

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