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A secured promissory note is the kind of legal document related to loan and credit. Usually, it is used to demand for repayment or to make sure that a borrower pays back the money on time. However, this letter is secured. It means that there will be supporting documents attached to it in order to enhance its legal value. These are some templates to make the note.

california secured promissory note form

Types of Secured Promissory Note


There are several types of secured promissory note. It mostly depends on the purpose of the note, whether it is to ask money or just to remind the borrower that their repayment due date is getting closer. Read further information about them down below. It will help you understand more about the note and ease your way in making one.

  1. Demand to Pay Note

A lot of people find it hard to make people who borrow their money to pay them back. That is why the note is often used to force them to make repayment. This way, they will understand that the note is legally binding and they can be sued if they do not make repayment anytime soon.


  1. Repayment Note Reminder

When the due date is coming, the borrowers need to be reminded about their debt. This note can be used for that purpose, too. In the note, the amount of money to be paid as well as the due date will be shown. This is why the note is highly usable and not only for making a forced payment.


Real Estate Secured Promissory Note


It is quite rare for people these days to buy a house using cash. Most of the time, they will take loans or mortgages to pay for the house because the cash does not even exist in their saving. When they fail to pay off the house, they will receive a secured promissory note for sure. The example and template for the real estate type of the note will be available here.


Free Secured Promissory Note


This is the template for the note that you can get for free. So, instead of sending a letter from an attorney or from the third party, you can make the note on your own and send them to the borrower. Make sure that they are aware that this type of note can be used to sue and thus your money can be returned anytime soon.


Sample Secured Promissory Note


This note is probably not too common for a lot of people. That is why they need to see samples. These are the samples of the note that they need. Read them over here and see how the note is supposed to look like.

 Sample Secured Promissory Note

Secured Promissory Note Free Download Security Agreement for Promissory Note suze orman secured promissory note

There is no need to speculate about the note. It is obvious that the note is a legal note with power at court. So, you should never ever take this type of note for granted, especially when you have to make one as the note can be used to fill a lawsuit. This is why when you have no idea how to make a secured promissory note, you can use the templates above.

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