Sales Note Template

The Sales Note Template and Its Samples

The company obtains revenue and profit from sales. More purchases from customers mean the profit is expected to be excellent. Every transaction must be recorded properly. For such purpose, the company can rely on a sales note template. It is already in a system where employees just complete all necessary dates, and the note is done.

Sales Note Template Main Idea

Sales note is an important source for accounting. One mistake will affect a significant result. That’s why the note has to be specific. Usually, the note is for a certain product or transaction. One product often has several notes because customers buy from a different method.

In general, this note explains the real situation in the market. More notes are good signs because the sales increase and make the company become profitable. On the other hand, this note is a warning when sales decrease. Marketing strategy and planning often rely on this note before taking the decision. To fulfill such an objective, the sales note template must have a proper outline and layout.

Sales Note Template Design and Layout

The design for sales note depends on what information you want to know. Some notes are simple with minimum forms and lists. This note is for repetitive ones which employee can fill as fast as possible. At the end of the week or month, all daily purchase from the note is arranged into one big report. You can have a simple and minimum note for a regular transaction. At the same time, another note is complex with more content and outlines.

Sales Note Template Contents

This note has a significant function in business. When the company sells a product, the note is created automatically. You can learn the contents in the sales note template to understand what the note can do.

  1. Sales ID

The note has sales ID or identification, such as name, number, or anything. This part is useful when managing tons of notes. The company has a system to organize all notes, and the ID is helpful to find the right note easily.


  1. Products and amounts of sales

The core content of the sales note is the products and their amount of sales. You do not need to put the product specs, but ensure the name and ID for the sold product is valid. After that, you can see the amount that customers or clients buy. This part also calculates the total money of products generated.


  1. Date and time

Sales note has a date and time to verify when the sales happen. This part is useful to analyze the trend and inventory preparation. The date has to be precise.


  1. Payment method

Customers buy the product and pay it at full. Some of them utilize a credit card when buying the product. Few of them try other payment methods. All of the methods for payment must be explained on the sales note.


  1. Signature

The note is a legal document after the verification is valid. It requires a signature before going into formal reports and documents.

Sales Note Template and Sample

The samples and templates for sales notes are available for everyone. Small companies and businesses may not have a budget to install the sales system. With a sales note template, the company just focuses on business. All sales are recorded properly and the files are easy to integrate into the major system.

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