Application Note Template

Simple Application Note Template to Create Proper User Manuals

Application note template is a collection of form containing samples of user guide assistance. The document purpose is to give the user of a product idea on how to use the particular item safely and effectively. An application note typically can only be used on the specific item and shouldn’t be applied to others. Sometimes, the document is referred as user guide, instruction manual, technical documentation, training manual, etc.

Application Note Template Description

Application note template provides you with the pre-formatted document to create important information and instruction regarding certain product. Inside the document, you can include written text and graphic guides, such as diagrams or tables, in order to assist the reader to use the item. It is made in an organized way in order to be functional and follow the workflow of your particular product.

Application Note Template Elements

The substance of an application note depends a lot on the type of the product. However, the set of application note template in this page mostly will include similar basic information such as:

  1. Title of the document
  2. Table of content
  3. Name of the product
  4. The type or model number of the product
  5. The purpose or intended use
  6. The features of the product
  7. The main elements of the product, including the description
  8. Instruction on installation process
  9. Instruction on operation
  10. Safety warnings
  11. Information about the maintenance
  12. Information about repairing process
  13. Information on disposal of both the product and its packaging
  14. Information on warranty
  15. Index
  16. Glossary
  17. Contact details information

Tips to Use Application Note Template

To create an easy to understand and readable manuals, follow these tips below when choosing and customizing the template of your choice:

  1. Opt for clear, organized, and uncluttered design

The purpose of using simple design for the application note is so that the users could find the solutions quickly.


  1. Prioritize easy orientation for the users

These templates are made and designed to make it easy for the users to understand the manual’s structure. It also helps that most of them have table of contents for navigation purpose.


  1. Balance the white-space area

Too much empty space would only be a waste of a document. However, you should pay amount to put the right amount of white space in order to make the reading easier.


  1. Choose readable font with proper size

Select easy to read, basic type of font rather than stylish one. The size should also be made not too big or not too small.


  1. Print nicely before distribution

The manual templates usually are printed in A5, A4, or Letter sized paper. If the applications notes are distributed digitally, then make sure you send it in proper file format such as PDF file.

Free Application Note Template

To create an effective user guides for the buyer of your product, you may use the application note template and create one without having to consume much of time. Browse through the set of templates in this page and find one to use and ship to the users to ensure the safety and effectiveness in using the purchased item.



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