Guided Note Template

Preparing a Guided Note Template before Class


A guided note is something that teachers usually make for their class. This helps the students to take notes or make prompts for their performance. Preparing the one before the semester started is important. However, some people consider this as something difficult. The fact is then guided note can be made easily when you follow the right guided note template.

The template itself plays a role as a draft for the teachers. It guides them to make the proper one and what should be in it. Therefore, the template should contain some of the things below.


Guided Note Template Document Formatting

When it comes to document formatting, a template should have consideration, especially on the themes being used, colors applied, or fonts being picked.


  • Free-access template can easily open todays. But, choosing the right one for classroom can be a little bit problematic. Some of them look formal, and the rest looks casual. Still, no worries as you can choose the formal one as the best option.
  • Colors are also the elements that are being discussed. The choice of colors brings impact to students’ motivation in learning or doing their guided note. As your choices, it is recommended to choose yellow, green, or blue colors in your template.
  • Font types are numerous. In a general speaking, there are some alternatives that can be used for the guided note, which are casual fonts and handwriting fonts. It brings more effects to your template.


Guided Note Template Page Orientation


As we normally know, there two main options for page orientation, not only in guided note template, but in overall use. The best one that you can use in terms of template for guided note is portrait setting rather than landscape setting of the page. Portrait will be preferable for the use of guided note because this follow the normal setting of students’ workbook or textbooks.


Guided Note Template Text


Text is referring to any written form that you want to use in the guided note template. It can also refer to the text that you write or construct for guided note to help the students in constructing their own sentence. It can be like “I learned … today” or “The most interesting part of today’s learning are…”. You can also put the WordArt as a text as well as the decoration.


Guided Note Template Illustration


Last but not least, you will think about illustrations for many times. Illustration means any kinds of picture, shape, or icons that help your students in understanding the template better. Suppose, you’d like to write a template on learning English stories entitled “Cinderella”; you better pick pictures that are relevant, for example princess, glass shoes, castles, and etc. This helps your students get more comprehension rather than just a dull template. It can also beautify your design of template.

After reading all the things above, you should be able to imagine in making one template for your own needs. The truth of guided note template is that it is super easy and only takes few hours of your working hours.

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