Graduation Thank You Note

Bringing a Graduation Thank You Note into Business


These years, it has been a trend among youth  to attend the academic defense of their friends or to make small gathering just to celebrate a graduation. Sadly, things come differently in reality because sometimes they cannot attend that happy moment. Or perhaps they are too busy, so they did not have a chance to see their friends coming. Therefore, graduation thank you note can always be an option here.

Seeing those prospects among the youth today, it is good to take the graduation thank you note one step ahead: a beneficial business that follows the trends.


Graduation Thank You Note’s Valuable Story


You can say you will be the one who run the business, but it doesn’t work if you don’t understand the philosophical value behind it. The note comes as the card that speaks about gratitude by someone who just finished their study. It can be a senior high student, bachelor or even master and doctor. In addition, people who just graduated from their educational institution will usually use this to say thanks for the support given by others.

Graduation Thank You Note Audience Selecting


Well, after understanding the underneath culture, set the target of your customers. Public usually categorizes the ages into several stages. They are child, teenager, adult, and the oldies. Here, based on previous explanation—that it is used mostly by the graduated person—you can see the target of this kind of thank you note is on the range of teenager and adult, around 15-30 years old. Deciding this means you are being helped to design the template, composition, etc.


Graduation Thank You Note Content Compositing


For your information, the process of making can be really time-consuming. Available templates and words can be accessed online, so you don’t have to be worry. However, you have to make sure the content of this note is saying ‘thank you’ and related to ‘graduation’. Therefore, it will be suitable with the context of graduation thank you note.


Graduation Thank You Note Prospect Marketing


In terms of marketing itself, there are two big choices presented in current situation. The points below will explain the reason, advantage and disadvantage of each choice.


  1. Offline marketing

It always becomes the first choice because people are still looking something instant and can be touched physically. Be ready if you receive the last-minutes order. However, just be happy that you can understand the situation among people who always prefer to this side.


  1. Online marketing

This one is a wide alternative for any business, so this one offers a different scope. You can sell different concept of thank you note: in digital form or you can name it ‘soft file’ version. But remember, there are some anonymous buyers who use your business.

In addition, there is nothing wrong with trying to bring this into reality seeing its prospective chance ahead. The graduation thank you note is going to be something that people try to look for, specifically those who just finished their study.

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