Funny Thank You Note

Giving a Funny Thank You Note to the Best Buddies


Once, you might see your best friends are in their broken mood or gloomy day. Take a side as someone who has a mission in making them happy because you know only you can do it. One of the ways to do it is by making funny thank you note for them.

If you happen to know what it is, you should be glad and just need to grab your stationary now. For those who just knew about this few seconds ago, just make sure you read all the points below carefully, so you can make one and give it to your beloved one.


Funny Thank You Note Choice


Most of the time, our minds are being puzzled with the situation of choosing the right note. There are a lot of choices of funny thank you note. You can pick the simple one then take the elegant type, or perhaps you grab the one that has the ridiculous look on it.  As long as your point is to give a card which can make someone happy, any design would be fine.

Funny Thank You Note Content


Since you plan to express something funny or entertain the best buddies, think about the fitting contents of jokes. Although it is just a simple sentence, make it impactful for them. See some tips for the content below.


  • Write a funny short sentence. You can take the lines from anecdotes, jokes, or even comics that you have read in your life.
  • Avoid writing dirty jokes or sarcasm. Indeed, people have different tastes of jokes, but avoid writing dirty jokes, especially when you plan to give this note in public places.
  • Combine the jokes with some moral values. Although you have a plan to entertain or amuse, try to still convey a message to make the addressee learn something behind the fun.


Funny Thank You Note Composition


The composition of funny thank you note doesn’t have to be arranged formally like what you have in a business note. You can just write it like a greeting card, where the most important parts are your greetings or sentences and it continues to the addressee’s names. You don’t have to write the exact date, the formal salutation, and even tell your purpose on sending the notes.


Funny Thank You Note Correction


Still, a note is still a piece of writing that requires some corrections before it is being sent to the receiver. It is like the stage of reviewing in the academic paper, but with a different concept. The correction in making this note only focuses on the spelling of words and the receiver’s name because once you sent it and it has any mistake on it, it can lead to problems, for example, a misunderstanding among you and your buddy.

You better make one funny thank you note right now if you think it can help your friend to get out of their own sadness. Who knows, you will be the one that lights their day up after the undefined wars.

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