Medical Doctor Note

Samples of Medical Doctor Note for Work or School Sick Absence

Medical doctor note, which sometimes also referred as doctor’s excuse letter or medical excuse note, is a paper that informs the legibility of employees or students’ absence for work or school because of medical causes. The form is presented as an official medical certificate to recognize sickness, injury, or illness that made an individual unable to attend their obligation and should take some time to recover.

Medical Doctor Note Purpose

Medical doctor note confirms the legitimacy of student or employee’s absence. Inside the note, the doctor will detail the condition of a patient’s health and how many days they have to rest. The doctor should also write the date of appointment or visit.

Usually, an institution would have specific regulations regarding the sick note for its employees and students. Most of them don’t obligate the letter for a single sick day, but absolutely require it if you missed for multiple days.

Medical Doctor Note Components

The different doctors or different health institutions have different styles and formatting for their medical notes. However, these are a few of essential information that must be included in the letter:

  1. Title

The letter should be accompanied with letterhead or title to represent the clinic or health institution. It should also inform the reader about what the letter is about, for instance Medical Record Certification, Absence Authorization, Authorization for Sick Leave, or so on.


  1. Information about the medical facility

The information about the doctor or the medical facility must be revealed on the note. It includes their name, their address, and their contact information such as telephone number or website address.


  1. Date issued

The section informs date of the health visitation or appointment.


  1. Patient identity or information

In this part, the information about sick patients is written, such as their full name. it also possible to include their age, date of birth, gender, and so on.


  1. Condition certification

Input the reason for a medical appointment and the specific details about the patient’s health condition such as their sickness or injury.


  1. Authorization:

It contains the number of sick days recommended, and the reason behind such as disability to walk, or other clear details.


  1. Doctor’s signature

At the end of the page, the doctor must put their sign, along with their name and title.

Medical Doctor Note Significance

The urgency to provide medical doctor notes may depend or where you go to school or work in. sometimes, the policy of the company would not require their employee to submit a doctor’s note for sick absence. You may find about this information on the human resources department.

As it has been mentioned, the majority of employers do not obligate their staff to provide not for one day of sickness absence. Some even do not require for less than a week’s absence of illness. It may be wise to check with the local or state laws regarding the obligation to turn in the medical note.

Downloadable Medical Doctor Note Samples

Check out these compiled medical doctor note samples and template to give you an idea about the proper medical letter. These are available for free, with customizable and printable features for you to use.

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