Medical Progress Note Template

Free Printable Sets of Medical Progress Note Template

Medical progress note template is a pre-formatted form that can be used by doctors, health physicians, or nurses to keep track of their patient’s medical progress. These notes are the perfect tool to provide the status, follow-up, and treatment for the patients’ health. The progress note is a crucial part of a medical record because the caregiver of the ill patient could get an insight into the pickup or follow-ups on their health. It also makes it easy for the patient in case they transfer the treatment to a different doctor or physician.

Medical Progress Note Template Function

Not only the progress note allows both the health providers and the patient a way to keep track of the patients’ health, it also serves as an effective method of communication between both to ensure efficient planning regarding the patient’s health in the future. The care and services provided for the patients could be documented in using the medical progress note template.

It is understandable why providing a progress note is a mandatory part of health care services. Whether the patient needs short-term or long-term treatment, their medical status will be written in a structured, organized, and detailed way in the note. The substance of the tracked condition in the progress note stays relevant under medical records until the patient is truly cured and the future time as references.

Medical Progress Note Template Contents

The majority of medical progress note template forms here will follow the SOAP format. They mostly made in simple formatting to provide easy to understand information about the patient. Here are the elements of the SOAP format used:

  1. Subjective

It is a description of the recent condition of the patient’s health or the causes of hospitalization. Often, this section will be filled with the symptoms expressed by the patients or the caregiver, such as a feeling of cold, nausea, swelling in certain areas, and so on.


  1. Objective

It is the observation by the doctor’s diagnostic results, including the measurable, seen, smelt, or heard symptoms, such as pulse, swelling, or body temperature.


  1. Assessment

It is a detailed diagnosis of the patient’s health condition. It may contain single or several types of diagnosis.


  1. Plan

It contains the information about the prescribed medication, treatment needed or performed, test ordered, or follow up directions.

Medical Progress Note Template Formats and Designs

You may see several different types, formats, or styles of the progress notes on this page. Despite the difference, the purpose and the function stay the same. They offer effective communication about the findings of patient’s health between the patient, doctor, or medical practitioners. The prior and current status of the patient can be recorded and compared for detailed reviews. Even though the use of progress notes is sometimes debatable between different healthcare providers for transferring purposes, it stills considered as beneficial.

Printable Medical Progress Note Template

These blank but formatted medical progress note template forms are suitable to keep track of the health chart of the patients. Some also include information about the hospital room, date, and health status section. They are all downloadable and printable, so it is pretty easy to use.

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