5+ 9×12 Envelope Free Templates in PSD

9×12 Envelope Template and how to make it stunning in Word

To create a great envelope will be the best idea for you because it will make people easy to read. One of the best envelopes has size 9 x 12 because it is easy to read. You can select the 9×12 envelope template that will help you to design and customize the best envelope without any difficulties.

9x12 envelope template Free PSD Templates Ideas

You can use Microsoft Word to create the best 9×12 envelope template idea. It has some features that will facilitate you to create the best envelope suitable for your needs. You also can create a unique design for an envelope that will amaze the readers when they read this envelope design for your business.

How to create a 9×12 envelope template in Word

To make it in Microsoft Word, the first step that should you do is opening the application. You can open Microsoft Word to create this 9 x12 envelope. Word 2013 will be better to use this envelope because it has some features that support someone to create this envelope suitable for your need.

9x12 envelope template Free Templates in PSD file

After that, you can look at the page layout in Word and choose Size. Word usually gives you a list of page size options. In this part, you can create the 9×12 envelope template form by selecting the custom size or more paper size at the bottom of the list. Next, you can choose option width 12 and height 9 on your word.

How to make a 9×12 envelope template stunning 

Besides, your envelope will be great if you have a proper margin on your form template. You need to have a proper margin with 25 on each side to print. In this idea, you also need to make sure the landscape option is clicked. After that, you can insert the logo on your envelope to make your envelope easy to recognize.

9x12 envelope template PSD idea Design Sample

To create a logo on your 9×12 envelope template idea design, you only need to click on the insert tab at the top of your word program. In this idea, you can look at the button for the picture and click to browse through the folder on your computer to locate the picture. Once you find the picture, you can hit the insert or OK button.

Remember to insert the text box on your envelope template 

Inserting the text box is important on your envelope template because it will help the readers about the important information on your envelope. In this section, you need to write the company name and also the address next to the logo. You can look in the insert tab which has a text box button to choose for your envelope.

9x12 envelope template Templates PSD Free file

In this section, you can type your company name and information into the box. The 9×12 envelope template printable will be useful because you can resize the box to grab the handles and drag them suitable with your needs.

Format your text box and text 

Finally, you only need to format the text box and text on your 9×12 envelope template. Those ideas are important because both ideas will make your text on the envelope looking better so that the readers will read the information easier.

9x12 envelope template Free PSD file photoshop

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