5+ A6 Envelope Templates for Photoshop

A6 Envelope Template and how to make it awesome 

Creating a proper envelope is important because it has many functions for your business. One of the best ideas for you in this idea is the A6 envelope. The A6 envelope template can be your choice to select the proper envelope properly. This envelope is the common envelope type that can be used for sending wedding and party invitation.

a6 envelope template Free PSD Templates Ideas

In other words, this A6 envelope template form has been used for many people for many purposes. The size of this envelope is 4 3/4 “ x 6 1/2” envelope dimension. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the dimension of the envelope to make the readers easily understand your envelope writing well.

How to create an A6 envelope template in Word

You can create this envelope in Microsoft Word without any difficulties. In this idea, you can make the envelope template on word very easily. You can use an old Microsoft Words 2007 to make it easier. The first step is to open Microsoft Word 2007 and click on the mailings tab. Next, you can click on the envelopes on the left.

a6 envelope template Free Templates in PSD file

In the envelope section, you need to go to the options tab to create an A6 envelope template design. In this part, you can click on the size that matches your envelope so that the people will easily understand your envelope. Gaining this purpose, you can click on custom size and type the dimension of the envelope.

How to make an A6 envelope template interesting 

Of course, you can create this envelope interesting if you click on the printing Option tab. In this part, you can let Word know how you will want the envelope to be printed. Besides, you also need to make sure about the setting. After that, you can click OK and get your envelope in your hand for many purposes.

a6 envelope template PSD idea Design Sample

This A6 envelope template form design also will be used for you to secure the cards, papers, or other important documents without any difficulties. You can download the envelope from any size which has the right sized envelope. In this idea, you will get satisfaction cards coming in irregular shapes.

 Include the text box for your envelope template 

You have to understand that insert the text box on your envelope is essential. This idea is useful because it will help the readers understanding your envelope very well. Besides, this idea will be great unless you write the company name and also the address next to the logo. With this idea, your envelope will be awesome.

a6 envelope template Templates PSD Free file

Furthermore, you also can write your company name or any events information into the box on the envelope. This A6 envelope template idea design will be useful because you can resize and customize suitable for your needs without any difficulties.

Customize your text box on your A6 envelope template 

Finally, you only need to customize the text box and text on the A6 envelope template. Formatting this text box will be essential for you because it will make your envelope looking impressive to read for any business easily.

a6 envelope template Free PSD file photoshop

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