10+ 5×7 Envelope Templates for Photoshop

Variety of Shapes of 5×7 Envelope Template to Choose One from

Talking about 5×7 envelope template, what do you imagine it to be? Originally, envelop is separate cover used to secure page of letter in. However, today envelop has been designed differently than it used to be. In fact, the way it is now made makes it look all the more interesting. Don’t you think so?

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You must have seen at least one or two these days. After all, many people prefer it more today. How about taking a look at the choices in this chance? They come with various shapes to offer. Pick one you like most and download then.

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Envelop Shape #1 the Folded Type

Today, instead of putting letter inside an envelope, people prefer write one on the back side of the card. It is if the content of the letter is not private. While this post card-like template is nice, some would prefer the content of the letter to be semi hidden. That’s where you get 5×7 folded template.

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As you can image, the shape is like that of long card folded into two. That way, you can have the text hidden when the card is closed. Yet, since it is not tightly hidden, it suits the needs perfectly. Choose this for rather private type of needs.

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Envelop Shape #2 the Die-Cut Type

If you think that folded envelop is not interesting enough for your needs, you can choose this die-cut type here. Die-cut photo envelop is folded type with cut in the middle. This hollow part will make nice frame to what’s below it when folded. It is like a framed photo, indeed. Do you like this type?

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It keeps the text securely hidden too. So, if you want more interesting look, this delicate design is the choice. Envelop template shape of this type can be more complicated too. You just need to make your choice among the available ones.

Envelop Shape #3 Tri-Fold Pocket Type

Not all people have the same preference when making their choice. Besides, it depends on the needs too. If you want more secured envelop but don’t want to go with the old-fashioned type, you may be interested in this type. As you might know, you must have been able to imagine the design.

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Yes, the card is folded into three parts. When two folded is easily to peek in, it won’t be the case with this type. 5X7 tri-fold envelop however, is not as difficult as the old-fashioned to open. Each type has its own things to offer, indeed.

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Envelop Shape #4 Half-Moon Enclosure

Last but not the least, there is one that is more like a pocket type. There is half moon enclosure on top to make it look nice. Combined with appropriate design on envelop and the letter paper itself, you will get lovely one to send your letter with. The half moon enclosure will also be of help to you.

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Why, of course. You can pull the letter easier from it thanks to it. Now, you see that there are many nice choices to choose one from, right? 5×7 envelope template varies this much. Understand your needs and choose accordingly after that.

5×7 Envelope Template Sample

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