5+ 5×7 Card Customizable PSD Templates

How to Create 5×7 Card Template to Send Your Greetings

Greetings are something that shouldn’t be considered as formalities only. Without one, one might grow distance with the others. So, let’s close it and prevent our relationship from crumbling with the use of 5×7 card template. Sending things like this means that you care for the receivers of the card.

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You don’t have to make the card from scratch, but it is worth to make it yourself. You just need to learn the way to make it in the proper manner. Let us tell you how in this chance. Then, you can send the best greetings ever in life.

#1 Get the Images and Decors Ready

You need to prepare everything if you are going to make greetings card template. After all, the template won’t be text only. Do care about the card design. People are happier to see nice-looking card thank boring one with too much text. So, you can get what’s important ready to be used later.

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To design the card, you might need to look for decors such as photos, glitters, patterns, and the kind. Put them together in one place, so you won’t be having a hard time looking for them when needed. So, don’t take this lightly ever at all.

#2 Create the Document and Set Size

Now that your things are ready, it is the time for you to create the document itself. You start new and blank with this 5×7 card document. However, it is not yet ready with the way it is. You’ve got to set the size for the margins, spaces, texts, and more. Without size, the end look won’t be good at all.

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You might want to stick to particular size standard, but you may think of one on your own too. Just make sure that the size is proper to make good enough look on the 5×7 card design later. Remember that design is not just about decoration.

#3 Insert the Images and Type Content

Next, let’s work on the decoration and the content. If you want an image in the background, you do this first before you do the rest. Things like decors, items, and icons will be put on it after all. Keep in mind to make the design pleasant enough to look at. You can’t place everything anywhere you want.

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There are always suitable places for each of them. It applies the same to the content as well. It must be stated and placed in the designed place of this card design template. Only then, you are one step to finish this template with your hands.

#4 Recheck, Save, and Print Card Out

The last thing you need to do before sending it would be giving it recheck first beforehand. Make sure every design and point are properly made and done. Once you are satisfied with the work, you better not forget saving it in your device. It would be a shame to just delete it once you print it out.

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Besides, instead of sending it out, you might also think of sending it via email, social media, or the kind. So, it is best to save it. Of course, 5×7 card template for sending greetings can be mailed like post card if you want too. So, choose.

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