10+ 5×7 Blank Cards Customizable PSD Design Templates

5×7 Blank Cards Design Ideas to Make the Best Post Cards

What do you think you can make of from 5×7 blank cards? There are actually many things you can fit into. Among them, it would be a post card. Post card ranges in size. One of these kinds we are talking about here is often used for promotion and mailing of course. Which one do you need this for then?

blank cards Customizable FIle PSD Templates

Actually, there are still more uses of this post card here. Each will have be various options of its design idea too. Let’s take a look at the samples before making the choice. Start by deciding the use, then look at the available options.

blank cards Free PSD file photoshop

#1 Post Card Wedding Invitation

Yes, you can invite friends and families to your wedding with 5×7 post cards too here. It is quite efficient since you don’t have to make the mail and the invitation separately. Wedding invitation can be designed depending on the wedding theme chosen. It can be vintage or rustic even, as you wish.

blank cards Free PSD Templates Ideas

As for the template design, you may have one side of the card with the photo of the couple. Do write the names and the purpose of the invitation. Meanwhile, the other side of the card will serve as the place for the details to be written.

blank cards Free Templates in PSD file

#2 Valentine Day Post Card Design

Post cards are originally meant for mailing. Of course, we can still use it the same today. You can make one depending on the occasion too. One example of that would be valentine card. You don’t always have to make invitation for a party. Sometimes, sending greetings are simply enough here.

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Through it, you can tell your love and the receiver will know how much he/she means to you. Post card design may have touch of red and pink color to match the needs. You are free to insert photo of yourself with your beloved partner.

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#3 Seasonal Greetings Post Cards

Sending words of love does not always have to be done during the romantic occasion only. How about sending greetings to welcome the season? Along with the greetings, you can wish the receiver peace, love, and joy. The receiver itself doesn’t always have to be your lover. It can be families too.

blank cards PSD idea Design Sample

Surely, they would be more than happy to receive your greetings. For this kind, you may insert photos of lover or families on the card front side with one made big on the back side. On its side, that’s where your greetings will be laid.

#4 Happy Holiday Post Card Template

There are many holidays throughout the year. If it is for this kind of occasions, people would often celebrate together. If the distance prevents you to do so though, it is best to send words by sending post card to them. You may have the front side with your photo and family and some words written.

blank cards Templates for Photoshop

For example, you can go with ‘Happy Holidays with Love (your family name)’. The back side of this kind of 5×7 blank cards can be designed with some small photos attached and the text on its side. Brief but meaningful words are enough.

5×7 Blank Cards Sample

blank cards Templates PSD Free file blank cards Customizable File PSD Design Templates

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