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Editable 5×7 Recipe Cards with Creative Themes

If you are searching for 5×7 recipe cards, it is not an easy task. However, this article provides a collection of recipe cards that will meet your needs. To find the recipe cards you need, you have to decide the design you want. Through this article, we will help you to find your desired 5×7 recipe card template.

recipe cards Free Templates in PSD file

5×7 Recipe Card Themes

There are many themes that are appropriate for a recipe card. One of the best theme ideas is a Mason jar recipe card. This theme is simple so that you will have plenty of space you can use to write your recipe. Besides that, there is also a Meadowsweet Kitchen recipe card.

recipe cards Templates PSD Free file

There are still some other theme ideas you can consider such as a Gourmet Plain recipe card, Kraft Brown recipe card, Deluxe Binder pocket recipe card, Home Advantage recipe card, Ring Bound Scrapbook Kit family recipe card, and many more.

5×7 Recipe Card Models

Here, we have many creative 5×7 recipe card templates PSD. When it comes to the model, a double-sided recipe card belongs to the best options. Besides that, it is also a good idea to consider a lined-back-to-front recipe card.

recipe cards PSD idea Design Sample

Then, you can also find a personalized recipe card in this article. You just need to find the model you love most. With our recipe card models, you do not need to design a recipe card yourself because it will really require a lot of time and effort.

What to Write in the 5×7 Recipe Cards

It is very important to know what to write in the 5×7 recipe card PSD. The first element to include in the recipe card is the title. You can make a recipe for special food or drink as you want. The name of the recipe is usually placed at the top part of the recipe card.

After you make the recipe card’s title, what you will have to write is the ingredients. Of course, different recipes require different ingredients. You just need to list down the required ingredients. To make it easy to understand, you can use a list of numbers.

recipe cards Free PSD file photoshop

Then, you also need to include directions. Here, you are required to state the step by step how to make the recipe. Make sure that you use simple sentences so that your recipe can be understood and followed easily by anyone who reads it.

5×7 Recipe Card Editable Templates

The following PSD 5×7 recipe cards will help you to make your own recipe card. There are some reasons why you need to use our templates. For your information, all of the templates are downloadable. So, just feel free to find and pick your preferred template.

recipe cards Free PSD Templates Ideas

Besides that, our templates are also customizable. It means you can edit the selected template easily. In this case, you can use Adobe Photoshop. One more, the 5×7 recipe cards are also printable. Make sure that you print them with high quality printer and papers.

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