5+ 60th Birthday Invitation Template PSD Design Sample

60th Birthday Invitation Template with Samples

On your 60th birthday, you may want to celebrate it merrily. So, you may have a plan to invite your family and friends. Creating a birthday invitation is challenging, however, it will be much easier with the following 60th birthday invitation template. Here, we will discuss it further.

60th birthday invitation template Free PSD Templates Ideas

Creative 60th Birthday Invitation Template Designs

In this article, we have a collection of creative 60th birthday invitation template designs. One of the best design ideas is a birthday invitation with a photo & gold frame. Besides that, you can also consider a birthday invitation with a golden line.

Then, there is also an intricate swirls birthday invitation that becomes a good idea. For the next design, you can also find a birthday invitation foil balloon. A botanical milestone birthday invitation also belongs to one of the best design ideas for your own birthday invitation.

60th birthday invitation template Free Templates in PSD file

Of course, there are still many other PSD 60th birthday invitation ideas you can find in this article. Other design ideas include a white string lights birthday invitation, rose gold glitter birthday invitation, lux balloon birthday invitation, cocktail splash birthday invitation, golden polka dots birthday invitation, etc.

How to Write a 60th Birthday Invitation Template

It is important to know what to write in a birthday invitation. There are many ways how to write it. For example, you can simply write “You are invited to Philip’s 60th birthday. Come and have fun with us! Sunday, November 18, 2018, at 09 a.m. on Mango Street 234”.

60th birthday invitation template PSD idea Design Sample

What to Include in a 60thBirthday invitation Template

It is important to know the elements included in a 60th birthday invitation PSD template. You can directly start it with the recipient. Make sure that the birthday invitation is sent to the right person. After that, you can continue with the invitation message so that the recipient knows that he/she is invited.

Then, the sender’s name should also be stated clearly. For the next element, you will need to include the date of the birthday party. In addition, the location of the birthday party must be included, too. If there is any other additional info, just feel free to add it.

60th birthday invitation template Templates PSD Free file

An editable PSD 60th birthday invitation template is not only about the words. To make it more interesting, it is a good idea to insert a photo. Make sure that the photo is relevant. It can be a real photo or anything else.

Where to Find 60th Birthday Invitation Templates

If you are looking for sample templates for a 60th birthday invitation, you are on the right site. In this article, many template samples are available with different themes, designs, and wordings. All of the templates are not only downloadable and editable but also creative.

60th birthday invitation template Free PSD file photoshop

Now, you can pick your preferred 60th birthday invitation template found here. After that, you can easily edit it using Adobe Photoshop. You can edit the color; add a picture, etc to fit your needs. Then, you can directly print out the invitations and send them to the recipients.

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