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Academic CV Template Samples and Tips

Curriculum vitae (CV) is different from a resume. A CV is a more thorough background of your education and career. It is also usually longer. On the other side, a resume is a shorter and more summarized version of a CV. In this article, we will focus on discussing an academic CV template.

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Academic CV Template Samples

In this article, you can find many academic CV templates PSD. One of the examples is graduate school academic curriculum vitae. Besides that, there is also an academic medicine CV. Then, an undergraduate academic curriculum vitae template is also available in this article.

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Of course, there are still many other sample templates you can find here. They include an academic experience CV, a professional academic CV, an academic director CV, an academic nursing CV, an academic business CV, etc. Make sure that you find and choose a template that meets your needs.

academic cv template Free Templates in PSD file

How to Develop an Academic CV

The following format should be followed to develop a PSD academic CV template. The first is contact information. It includes your name, address, phone, and email. The second is the summary statement. It highlights the reason why you are the best candidate for a position.

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The third is education. You should list your education from undergraduate to post-graduate. The next is the employment history where it lists your work experiences.  It is also a good idea if you include internships such as organization, title, & the dates.

Licenses & certifications should also be included. You may also need to include professional affiliations to your academic CV PSD template. For the next inclusion, it should be publications. One more, you cannot forget including your skills and interests. Make sure that they relate to the position.

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How to Write an Academic CV Template

If you want to write an academic CV, you may need to consider the following steps. Firstly, you have to edit your academic curriculum vitae based on your job description & specifications. Secondly, you also need to highlight your academic achievements. You should also avoid jargon to keep it understandable.

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Then, you are required to include some academic references to support your job application. In addition, you cannot include unrelated skills & interests. One more, exceeding more than 4 pages is also not allowed. With these tips, your academic curriculum vitae template PSD will be great & effective.

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Tips for Creating an Academic CV Template

There are some tips to follow when you are creating an academic CV. You should read the sample CVs first. You also need to edit it with each application. You must also consider the type of font and layout used. Proofreading is also required to avoid any errors and mistakes.

academic cv template Templates PSD Free file

There are some things you cannot do. You cannot expect that your CV will be read wholly. You also cannot include unnecessary information & pictures. Unrelated skills & work experience also cannot be included. Now, pick and edit your preferred academic CV template to fit your needs.

Academic CV Template Sample

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