5+ 2×4 Inch Label Customizable PSD Design Templates

2×4 Inch Label Template for Some Different Uses

A label is known as a slip, which is made from a paper or cloth, affixed and inscribed to something for adding more description. Many ideas of the label are available in different sizes. That is why knowing about the 2×4 inch label template is important just to know it uses.

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In common, label is applied for some products. It becomes a space to write the name of the product and some different information that will ease the customers to know what the product is. On another hand, a label is also found on different uses, such as for mailing and shipping.

Here, we will talk to you about the 2×4 inch label and some details of it. For those who are curious about it, please read the following writings below.

Different Types of 2×4 Inch Label

These are some different types of the 2×4 inch label to be considered when you want to make it. Some different labels to be considered based on your needs are:

  • Dry peel labels
  • Fold-out labels
  • Reseal labels
  • Expandable reseal booklet
  • Specialty die-cut labels
  • Tag and board packaging
  • Prime labels
  • And others

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Some options of labels could be the best options to be known. It will be better when you consider every type of it and then find the most appropriate labels based on your needs.

Why is 2×4 Inch Label Effective?

As we have said before, a label is quite useful for the different uses, such as describing products, mailing, shipping, and others. Then, why is the 2×4 inch label effective?

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The size of the label becomes an important point to be considered when you want to make a nice label. Here, the 2×4 inch label is one of the most appropriate sizes to be applied. It provides a compact space to write the description.

On another hand, the size of the 2×4 inch label is not quite large. It means the patched label will not disturb or cover the appearance of products.

Tips to Make a Good 2×4 Inch Label

These are some tips to be considered when you want to maximize the result in making a 2×4 inch label. Keeping the label simple and clean is a must. Since a label provides important information, such as the description of products, the information of addressee, and others, the clean label will increase the readability.

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To make a good label, you also should be wise to use colors. I am sure that color will influence the look of a label and sometimes will make it look more stunning. However, make sure that the color will not cover up the information.

Another tip to be considered in making the 2×4 inch label is choosing the right font. Well, the detailed font will ease the readers to know the whole information of the label.

2×4 Inch Label Template PSD Files

These are some samples of the 2×4 inch label template on this page that you can find. All templates are free to download and it can be label template Free PSD Templates Ideas 1 1

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