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Box Template and how to make it stunning

A box template will help you to arrange a box without any difficulties. This idea will give you maximum flexibility but it will involve the little more work. Therefore, you have to design this template properly to help the people when they want to arrange the boxes for any purposes without any difficulties.

box template Free PSD Templates Ideas

Understanding to create this box template idea, you can understand the different packaging shapes and styles. With this idea, you will not get confused to package something in your business. To create a box, you can choose the proper software that will lead you to create this box with a proper template easily.

box template Free Templates in PSD file

How to create a box template interesting

You can create this box idea on an illustrator that will facilitate you to create a perfect shape. In this idea, you can choose to draw your own box from scratch by using the drawing tools in illustrator. Moreover, this idea also can save time a lot if you can save the image for your computer without any difficulties.

box template in Photoshop PSD

After that, you can open the image illustrator and either use the Pen Tool to create the line or use the Image Trace function that will help you to trace the image. Next, you can check to ignore the white box to pick up only the black lines of the image for your box template form. This part is useful for creating the box properly.

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How to make a box template properly 

Furthermore, you can continue to create this box idea by going to file and Document set up. In this idea, you can click on Edit Artboards. The scale that is needed to create this box is 7 cm for width and 16 cm for height. Moreover, the dimension for this box can be arranged for a 15 cm by 6 cm tube of hand cream or other cosmetics.

box template PSD idea Design Sample

Next, you can select the vector outline of the template and scale it so that you can create a proper rectangular for your box template idea design. In this part, you can make your box getting bigger or smaller and you can adjust the dimensions of the artboard using the same proportions.

box template Templates for Photoshop

Add the pattern and type for the box template

In this idea, you can add the pattern and type for your box by locking the Die Line layer and unlock the pattern layer at the bottom. In this idea, you can use a rectangle frame tool that will create an image from across the whole page. This idea also will extend the edge up to the bleed so that the pattern will be great.

box template Templates PSD Free file

Besides, you can go to File and choose the place. In this idea, you can select a pattern from the color splash pattern pack that can be downloaded. Next, you can click open and allow the image to fill up the whole box template frame. To create it better, you can use the eyedropper tool to pick the color up from the pattern easily.

Create a detailed box template 

Last, you only need to create a detailed box template that will make your template impressive. In this idea, you can use the type tool that will help you to create a text frame over the top of the label on the template.

box template Customizable File PSD Design Templates

Sample Box Template

box template Customizable FIle PSD Templates box template Free PSD file photoshop

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