5+ Instagram Story Template PSD Design Sample

Instagram story template and how to make it striking 

The Instagram story template will make your story for Instagram getting better. This idea is a premade layout featuring graphics, colors, and sometimes the animation so that it will make the story looking awesome. The best idea that can be found in this template is that it can create a consistent aesthetic of the stories.

instagram story template Free PSD Templates Ideas

Choosing the proper Instagram story template idea you can extend the story reel. Moreover, aesthetically pleasing inclusion also will be better because you can set branded fonts, colors, and logos. With those ideas, this template will help you to build familiarity and trust with a brand easily.

How to create a great Instagram story template

If you want to create the best story for Instagram, you need to understand the type of Instagram stories. This idea can be a feature for your audience because Instagram users can make a good shoutout, especially for a brand. Besides, it also will show behind the scene footage to peek behind the curtain in a while.

instagram story template Free Templates in PSD file

Furthermore, your Instagram story template design also can showcase new products. This idea will be the perfect addition to your social media marketing campaign because you will have over 10.000 followers on Instagram. With this idea, the users can swipe up and connect to more information about the new goods.

How to make an Instagram story template striking to read

Before you start to design this template, you need to research some Story looks and choose an aesthetic one to fit your brands. With this idea, you will have a satisfaction custom template from the template. Besides, you also will be presented with the menu that will help you to customize and edit the template easily.

instagram story template PSD idea Design Sample

In this part, you also need to correspond the width and height boxes and presses create to arrange the Instagram story template idea design. The blank template will be perfectly sized for an Instagram story slid so that you need to be creative here. You can change the background to make your template awesome.

Change the background of your Instagram story 

To change the background, you can select any color suitable for your needs. You also can keep the clean white background to make it look elegant. You can start by adding images to help you tell your story. To make it better, you can add the photos by simply clicking and dragging the story into the Designer interface.

instagram story template Templates PSD Free file

You can use the image/ layers tab at the top of the menu on the left to upload your own image. You can use the blue circles around each image on your Instagram story template form. In this idea, you also can resize them and drag around your template position without any difficulties.

Add the text on your Instagram story template

You also need to add the text to your Instagram story template. Gaining this purpose, you can click on the text tab in the menu on the left and choose the add text button. With this idea, you will get a satisfaction Instagram story without any difficulties for any purpose.  instagram story template Free PSD file photoshop

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