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3 X 5 Card Template to Make a Good Postcard

Since the development of digital messaging, many people have put a postcard in history. They leave it to choose that they call as a more effective way of communication. However, a postcard still has its fans. When you still interested in a postcard, knowing about the 3 x 5 card template is needed.

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Well, to keep the existence, some innovations of the postcard should be done, especially by using the different size of the card. Here, the 3 x 5 card can be the chosen size when you want to make a good postcard. This size is compact and it is large enough to write your concise message.

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However, to make a good postcard, you need to know some details about it. Here, we will talk to you about the postcard and things to be known in making it.

Why Send 3 X 5 Card to Friends?

As we have said before, the 3 x 5 card can be the chosen size to make a good postcard. Well, the next question –especially after the occurring of the fast messaging is why still send a postcard?

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A postcard is still interesting because it is different. These are some different sensations on the postcard that cannot be found inside the different messaging ideas.

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On another hand, a postcard is versatile. It means this card can be applied for the different agendas and needs. Then, it is also collectible. The person who gets a postcard can save it and make it a part of their history.

Elements of Postcard in 3 X 5 Card

To make a good postcard with a 3 x 5 card, these are some elements of it to be known. Of course, the elements of the postcard also will influence the readability of it.

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Some elements of the postcard to be written are:

  • The company logo, especially for the formal postcard
  • The headline
  • The graphic of the postcard
  • The typography
  • The complete message
  • The additional images

card template PSD idea Design Sample

Tips to Make a Good Postcard in 3 X 5 Card

These are some tips that you need to know when you want to make a good postcard. Choosing the right template with the 3 x 5 card size is needed. The template can be the main helper when it shows the default scheme of a postcard.

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On another hand, make a clear design of it. A postcard is used to deliver a message –it can be personal. It means the readability should be thought. Here, try to pay attention to the font that you use and the arrangement of the postcard elements.

card template Templates PSD Free file

Then, do not forget about the material of the postcard. Since people will save the sent postcard, using the thick paper is a must.

3 X 5 Card Template PSD Files for Postcard

We have several samples of the 3 x 5 card template that can be your default scheme to make a good postcard. All templates are free to download and it is quite easy to be edited. Scroll the template down and click the download button to save it on your drive.

card template Customizable File PSD Design Templates

Sample 3 X 5 Card Template

card template Customizable FIle PSD Templates

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