10+ 3×4 Name Badge Templates for Photoshop

3×4 Name Badge Template and how to make it awesome to read

The 3×4 name badge template will be the best idea for you who want to create a name badge. It will always seem a little ridiculous to wear a name badge with the face. The badge name is usually worn by the security on their chest. Therefore, you need to create the proper design to set this badge for your name.

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Besides, the company also will need a name badge to know their identity to work. Gaining this purpose, the most company does a great job explaining why they need a 3×4 name badge template idea that will make the people easy to read their name in their works without any difficulties on their chest.

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How to create a 3×4 name badge template properly

To make the best template, you need to understand more about this name badge. There are three types of name badge templates to know. The difference in the type of this badge can be seen in the detailed design. You can stick with paper sticker tags and plastic cards to identify the template well.

name badge template in Photoshop PSD

Furthermore, this 3 x 4 size can be applied for some ideas such as employee ID name badge, visitor badges, and event name badges. This 3×4 name badge template PSD can be designed depending on the use-case to look for. Because of that, you have to design this template with a great design to make it awesome.

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How to design a 3×4 name badge template interesting

You can make the design of this name badge interesting if you set the design suitable for the design. In this part, if you want to design for check-in badges, you need to create it with detailed information on the card. Since this name badge is produced for part of the corporate design, you need to make it formal.

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Besides, your name badge also needs to create an ID card. It means that you can create the 3×4 name badge template design with a photo ID on your card. To make it better, you can add the functionality to unlock the doors to make the design of this badge getting visibly to function as ID badge as well.

name badge template Templates for Photoshop

Make the 3×4 name badge template simple in design

If you want to make your badge for visitors, you can make it simple. Gaining this purpose, you can access your facility without a custom printing label. In this idea, you can create a visitor on your name badge to make the readers understanding the visitors that come into your company without any difficulties.

name badge template Templates PSD Free file

You have to remember to design your 3×4 name badge template idea simply because it will make the readers easy to understand. In this part, you will require more advanced settings such as visitor management software. Therefore, you can set the simple font to set on your name badge to make it impressive reading.

Measure the badge name properly 

Finally, you have to measure your 3×4 name badge template properly to make it easy to read. With proper size, the name badge will be easier to read so that the badge name will give you more advantages for any purpose.

3×4 Name Badge Template Sample

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