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4 fold brochure template and how to make it awesome to apply

The brochure will be one of the best power to spread awareness of the business or event. Besides, this idea also can educate potential customers about the product. Many types are available in this brochure. One of the best choices to choose is a 4-fold brochure template to apply for your product.

fold brochure template Free PSD file photoshop

The 4-folded idea will be the best choice because it will inform detailed information on your product. The key to creating this 4 fold brochure template idea is capturing and maintaining the reader’s attention with a compelling design. Besides, you also need to get attention to the key elements of brochure design.

How to create a 4-fold brochure template in Microsoft Words 

You can create a brochure in Microsoft Word without any difficulties. Gaining this purpose, you have to pay attention to the basic structure of this brochure. The first idea that should be noticed is the ruler and gridlines. In this part, you can select the checkbox to add the ruler and gridlines to create accurate spacing.

fold brochure template Free PSD Templates Ideas

Furthermore, you also need to pay attention to the text boxes. In this idea, you can use 5” margins and create the text boxes is 3” wide. Your 4-fold brochure template design will be great if you use a colored background. In this part, you can make the margin smaller by selecting the margin suitable for your desire.

How to make a 4-fold brochure template interesting in Word

Besides, your brochure will be impressive if you choose the theme on the template. In this section, you can select the proper theme for your brochure. You also can populate the Home Tab with selected fonts and colors for Heading, Titles, Subtitles, and also Normal text. In this part, your brochure looks great.

fold brochure template Free Templates in PSD file

Moreover, the 4-fold brochure template PSD will be interesting if you create the brochure suitable for the product. If you want to change the design, you can open up the style pane to make a small adjustment like changing the default Header color. It seems simple but it has an impressive look in your brochure.

Create the basic structure of your 4-fold brochure template

Your brochure will be easy to design if you create the basic structure. In this part, you can add the column on the template with two pages with three columns. The first page will be the front, back, and inner fold of the brochure. To make this design better, you can use the ruler and gridlines to space the text page.

fold brochure template PSD idea Design Sample

After that, you can add your content to the 4-fold brochure template printable. In this section, you will have six columns and start to add the content for your brochure. You can use the Insert menu to add images, shapes, and charts. You can select each of the individual objects and convert them into a group.

Enjoy your finished design

Finally, you only need to enjoy the finished design on your 4-fold brochure template. You can choose to start from scratch with a blank document by using the template to make your brochure looking great without any difficulties.

fold brochure template Templates PSD Free file

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