5+ 90 Day Probationary Period Template Sample

What’s In It in the 90 Day Probationary Period Template

Just like when you first enter school, there will probationary period for new employees as well. What’s different is that new employees will have to go through this period before they are actually hired. As employer, you need to assess their performance with 90 day probationary period template.

90 day probationary period template 3

Speaking about the template, there are actually some points in its content. To better know the template let us tell you those very points in this chance. Not just the employer, it is better for employee to know of this as well. They will learn what to expect from getting their probation form.

Point #1 – The Employee Details

As you might have guessed, we need to have employee details in 90-day probation form template. The details will include necessary information, such as the name, title, department, and supervisor. After all, you have to assess the employees one by one to find the best one for your own company.

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Also, other details might need to be included. They are the date of when they are hired as well as the date when the probation ends. Probationary period usually takes three months after all, so don’t miscount worker probation period.

Point #2 – The Performance Rate

During this 3-month period, employees will have task to do of course. Make good use of the time to evaluate their performance and rate them. New employee probationary template often use yes or on scale, but let’s stick on this one since it is more efficient this way. Don’t you think so too about it?

90 day probationary period template 5

You can immediately know which employee is doing better than the others just by reading the probationary template rate scale. You may also know which performance criteria have been met. You’ll know their area of expertise.

Point #3 – Evaluated Competencies

Each company must have its own standards to evaluate new recruits. However, normally they would go with performance, dependability, attendance, professionalism, and punctuality. Put them in the template and you’ll be able to evaluate the employees’ competencies easily. It is faster this way too.

90 day probationary period template 1

Then, you can decide on the ones to keep for regular employment, the ones who fail and have to be terminated, and the ones who might get probation extended. 90-day probationary period evaluation let employer see various skills of theirs.

Point #4 – Action for the Performance

Now that you have clear look of the employees’ performance, it is where you have your space to tell what you have decided for them all. Before, you could just evaluate and find your choices in mind after all. So, let’s make it clear and professional when you say so. They’ll know what to do after that.

90 day probationary period template 2

If they are terminated, they should go. If they are accepted, they will keep working for the company. 90 day probationary period template will end with employer as well as supervisor signature. Of course, the date must be written as well. After all, it is one of official documents of the company.

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