10 sample raffle ticket template

Raffle Ticket Template For A Raffle Event Organization

Do you want to hold such a raffle event? Then, you must need a raffle ticket template to handle and organize all things related to your raffle event. This raffle template Photoshop ticket must be an item to take the prizes or gifts. Same as other raffle tickets, there will be numbers available that only certain numbers will be the winner. Anyway, to get a printable raffle ticket template, you need to buy it from the raffle event organizer. As a raffle organizer, he or she must create it himself. Yet, if you want, you could download our raffle free PSD template here. Well, let’s check it out for further info below!

raffle ticket in psd design

19+ Free Raffle Ticket Template

There are some kinds of raffle free download PSD templates that you want to download available here. Again, they all are free to download as well as you have stable internet or Wi-Fi connection. Do not forget to click the download button that exists near your chosen template option. Anyway, all our raffle templates are available in the US standard Letter with A4 paper size. Feel free to select one of the raffle ticket template printable ideas that match your needs in the following numbers below!

raffle ticket psd templates

  1. Green Yellow Nature Floral Raffle Ticket
  2. Sample Charcoal Dusty Pink Feminine Catchy Raffle Ticket
  3. Sample Raffle Ticket with Blue and White Photographs
  4. Black Red Shapes Art Modern Raffle Ticket
  5. General Red Snowflake Vector Icon Christmas Raffle Ticket
  6. Blue and Red Illustrated Circus Carnival Event Raffle Ticket
  7. Printable Pink Pattern Raffle Ticket
  8. Blue Hockey Raffle Ticket Sample Ideas
  9. Orange Yellow Funky Summer Party Raffle Ticket
  10. Red and Green Christmas Icon Raffle Ticket
  11. Blue and Red Holly Raffle Ticket
  12. Old Rose and White Greyscale Photos Raffle Ticket
  13. Cream Yellow Unique Colorful Travel Raffle Ticket
  14. Green Christmas Raffle Ticket
  15. Blue Orange Holiday Raffle Ticket
  16. Blue Red Script Leaves Christmas Holiday Raffle Ticket
  17. Peach and Grey Makeup Raffle Ticket
  18. Violet and Orange Lattice Pattern Raffle Ticket
  19. Red and Gold Christmas Raffle Ticket
  20. Purple and Neon Shapes Raffle Ticket

raffle ticket in photoshop

Finally, all sample raffle ticket template explained above come in PSD photoshop. Feel free to choose any template choices above that you think matches your preferences well.

raffle ticket templates psd

Creating a DIY Raffle Ticket

Do you want to create a DIY customizable PSD template raffle ticket yourself since you have much free time? Then, let’s read some helpful instructions below!

  1. Raffle event. There are many kinds of raffle event. It could be for fundraising, Christmas, circus, travel, holiday, or even makeup price purposes. Let you write it down on your raffle ticket with simple but clear words.
  2. Raffle components. To make the raffle ticket informative and understandable, you must add some components and details. They include the number of raffle tickets, the total amount of money prize, the gift details, etc.

raffle ticket psd  raffle ticket templates for photoshop raffle ticket psd templates raffle ticket customizable psd design templates raffle ticket example psd design raffle ticket in photoshop

Finally, the raffle ticket template sample is a helpful template used as a proof item to take the prizes or gifts won. Download your raffle template in Photoshop free download on our web soon.







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