4+ How to Make Teacher Schedule Template Depending on the Needs

We would say that every busy person does need a schedule in hand at all times. It includes teachers as well. That being said, there are different kinds of needs teachers have. You then need to make the schedule accordingly. For that, you will be using the teacher schedule template to help you with all that.

Download Weekly Teacher Schedule Template Word Format

No need to worry, for there are many kinds of the template you can use out there. Of course, you are free to make one yourself if it is not too much trouble to do. Here, let us tell you some kinds of the template to take into account.

Teacher Schedule Template #1

Let’s start from the simplest one of all. This template kind belongs to what we call schedule every week. The design is so simple you can make on your own without the need of downloading the template online. The table is made with merely columns for time/period and the name of weekdays.

Editable Hig School Teacher Schedule Template Free Download

At a particular time of the day, you might teach math on Monday, history on Tuesday, and so on. Such a simple teacher schedule is usually meant for elementary teachers to use. Give the titles of the columns colors to differ them.

Teacher Schedule Template #2

We have a daily teacher schedule this time. It is more detailed when it comes to its design. Each day will have its table. Each table will be designed with some column titles. They include the time, class, course, plan, and note. Every teacher might be responsible for a few different classes to teach.

Free Download Parent Teacher Conference Schedule Template

Not to mention, the course taught might not merely one lesson too. Of course, for each class and course, you do have a plan, right? So, write them down. As for the note, you can use it as a checklist whether they’re done or not yet.

Teacher Schedule Template #3

The next class schedule template is not complicated in its design, but it is more complicated in its content instead. You might divide the table into two columns for teacher work schedule and past practice. However, each column might have several rows with different things for you to write in.

It all depends on past practice. For example, the past practice concerns about pre-assignment being not used to pre-guide the lesson plans. Then, the teacher’s work schedule should be about the design for instruction to solve it.

Teacher Schedule Template #4

The last template kind we have here is considered a master schedule. So, it covers all teachers’ schedules in one big template. The table will include columns as follows; teacher, room, lunch, period 1, advisory, period 2, and so on as needed. With those columns, you should know the schedule’s use.   Free Download Teacher Schedule Template in Word Doc

Yes, teacher schedule template such as this is meant to show where each teacher would go in what certain time to teach what lesson. The table might be bigger than you can imagine. So, prepare a big space to contain all of them.

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