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Refund Policy Template For Returning Items

In a buying-selling activity, there must be a refund policy available. A refund policy is a kind of agreement of returning or refunding items that the customers bought. Refund policy template is necessary as one of the services for the customers. By having it, they might be sure to purchase your products. You might design a refund policy PSD template free for your business yourself. well, of course, you could also get a printable refund policy template for free here on our website. We offer you the updated refund template free PSD in some different designs and ideas. Let’s check it out for further info below!

refund policy in word

Kinds of Helpful Refund Policy Template Samples

There are some helpful kinds of refund policy template printable designs that are available here. Well, most of our templates are easy to add or change any details since they are both changeable and customizable. As it has been told before, our refund customizable PSD template is free to download as well as you are online. By the way, now, let’s take a look at our lovely refund policy template types in the following numbers below!

  1. FiftyThree

FiftyThree is a kind of refund policy template with a 30-days refund with no shipping involved. The customer might buy the product and if they feel unsatisfied, they could refund it to the company. Well, after 30-days, this refund policy is useless though. Despite a refund, you might also have a replacement instead.

refund policy template for word

  1. Greats

This second type is a bit similar to the first choice but with only a 21-days refund. Different from FiftyThree, Greats is more minimalist with grey design color options.

refund policy template free word

  1. Calm the Ham

If you feel unsatisfied with the items you bought, you might refund it with Calm the Ham. This template works within 14-days only though. Well, you will get the full cost of your bought item but it will be decreased with the shipping costs.

refund policy word template free

  1. ThemeForest

This kind of refund may give you a return as well as follow the policy. Mostly, the refund will be the ones with Australian consumer law or other relevant laws.

refund policy customizable word design template

  1. WizzAir

With both parties’ agreements, you might get a refund but you first need to buy a ticket through WizzAir mobile application.

refund policy example word design

We have some sample refund policy template ideas from those types of refund policy mentioned before. Most of our template will use the formal US standard Letter with A4 size and will be available in PSD Photoshop.

The Benefits of Our Refund Policy Templates

By downloading our refund template Photoshop, you will get some advantages. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

  1. Returns. Our refund template might explain the policy of returns such as how many days the users need to return the product. It also tells the specific conditions including the same package.
  2. Shipping. Our refund template will give information about the shipping cost whether or not they are free. If they are not, which part who will pay for the shipping cost.
  3. Refund. Our template will inform the customers about how they will get a refund, whether or not they get the credit payment.

refund policy free download word

refund policy free word template

refund policy Sample

refund policy in word design

refund policy in word free download

Finally, the refund policy template sample is very useful for you to inform others to return your bought item. Find all refund policy PSD flyer template designs here soon.




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