Simple Wedding Checklist Template

Simple Wedding Checklist and Some Designs of Checklist to Use

There is nothing simple about the wedding. Even when it only has a small ceremony, it still cannot be considered simple. It is one of the most important moments in life, and everyone always wants to have a special moment at this event. That’s why it is very necessary to make sure all things will run well. In this case, it will be nice when there is also a handy simple wedding checklist. It can be a useful document to make better preparation for the wedding ceremony and party.

Sample Bride Checklist


Benefits of Simple Wedding Checklist

There are plenty of benefits to gain from the wedding checklist. Even when it is only a simple checklist, it can serve well and these are some of those benefits.

  1. Plan everything


A wedding needs many kinds of preparation. Even, it can take a whole year and more for the preparation. Venues, gowns, and other things should be planned and these can take much effort. With the checklist, all of these necessary preparations can be turned into lists and it can help people in making better planning.

  1. Organize the details


Once the details are listed, it is time to execute the plan. In this case, all things can be organized and priority can be made. All necessary preparations can be conducted properly and the flows can run well.


  1. Device the tasks


It will be impossible to do all the preparations alone. Surely there will also friends and family members giving hands in the process. With the simple wedding checklist, the tasks can be shared, so it can be done faster and more effectively.


Simple Wedding Checklist Designs 

There are many kinds of wedding checklists. In terms of designs, it can be said that everyone can have their ideas since there is no limitation in making the checklist. However, mostly there are some general ideas about the lists.

Sample Catholic Wedding Checklist

The most common and easiest design is only by listing down the details and grouped them based on some categories. Then, some people make it much better by adding the time, so it is like a planner or schedule. Even more, people may make some scale, so it is possible to know the progress.


Simple Wedding Checklist Contents

For the contents, there are surely many kinds of things to prepare. The contents are commonly categorized and grouped, so it is easier to organize and make the preparation. For example, there is content about the venue. These will be mostly about the place and all the decorations needed to do for the wedding.

Sample Essential Wedding Checklist

Then, dresses and outfits for the bride, groom, bridesmaid, and other people involved in the wedding should also be prepared. Even, details such as flowers may also be included in the simple wedding checklist as content to consider.


To-Do Wedding Checklist

Related to the checklist, there is also a nice and handy design that can be so useful. The design is not like a common checklist since it is not about the details of preparation. It is a to-do list that can be made into a checklist template. Moreover, it will also be a good supporting document.   Sample General Wedding Checklist Sample Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Sample Printable Wedding Checklist Sample Sample Wedding Checklist Sample Simple Wedding Planning Checklist Sample Wedding Day Checklist Sample Wedding Decor Checklist Sample Wedding Flowers Checklist Sample Wedding Photographer Checklist Sample Wedding Registry Checklist Sample Wedding Services checklist Sample Wedding Shot Checklist Sample Wedding Summary Checklist Sample Wedding To Do List Sample Wedding Venue Checklist

It is surely a handy piece of paper. The To-do list will be more specific in terms of tasks to complete. Even, it can be turned into some time scale. For example, the list is divided into 6-month before the wedding, 3-month before the wedding, and other groups. With this, using a simple wedding checklist can be more effective.

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