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Various Kinds of Printable Workshop Planning Checklist Template

Most people probably have participated at least once in a workshop. Whether it is a skilled workshop or academic workshop, this type of event is common to find for a broad range of subjects. The purpose of creating a workshop is to teach and share ideas, techniques, or skills. Now, if it’s your time to organize such an event, you may use the workshop planning checklist template to help you prepare the whole process. No matter what the purpose of your workshop such as educating or entertaining a group of people, these templates can be used as a simple management tool to make sure everything is well-prepared and going well.

Sample Business Workshop Planning Checklist Template

Workshop Planning Checklist Template Forms

Even though the term workshop itself contains a broad meaning and types underneath, but in general workshop means a short and single educational program to introduce or teach practical skills, techniques, and ideas to the participants of the event that’s applicable in everyday lives. There are some common features shared amongst most workshops, which are:

  • They consist of a small group of people as participants, from 6 to 15 people so everyone could get a chance to be given attention and be heard.
  • They designed for people who have similar interests or work in the same job/profession field.
  • They are conducted by professionals with real experience of the focus subject.

Sample Daily Workshop Planning Checklist Sample

Steps on Workshop Planning Checklist Template

The workshop planning checklist template can guide you to figure out what subject you want to teach the participants and what you hope to achieve from it. Here are some factors to consider while planning the event:

  1. Determining the topic

The first step that listed on most of the workshop planning checklist template is to arrange the topic to talk about. It is not required to understand everything, however, it is a must to have a reasonable amount of the subject.

  1. Determining the audience

The person who’s going to be a part of the workshop is an important portion of the event. Understanding the audience and what they need or demand will be a great help in deciding what and how to do it.

  1. Setting the workshop size

The ideal size of the workshop is about 8 to 12 activities, divided into small groups of 2 to 4 people. If the participants comprised of more than 15 people, it is better to split them up to smaller sections of groups.

  1. Setting the duration

The average time of the workshop duration is an hour to a day. Having a clear goal for the workshop is important to match the period.

Workshop Planning Checklist Template Purpose

A workshop is an educational event that provides experience in effective time with comprehensive effort. The main purpose of the workshop is to introduce new concepts and let the participants investigate the subject further on their initiative, so they can practice and demonstrate the taught method.

Sample Mini Workshop Planning Checklist

Free Download Workshop Planning Checklist Template

To create a successful workshop, you need to prepare for the planning and implementation part. Choose a workshop planning checklist template to help you with planning steps and managing all the things needed for the day.   Sample One Day Workshop Planning Checklist Sample Teachers Workshop Planning Checklist Sample Training Workshop Planning Checklist Sample Workshop Event Planning Checklist Sample Workshop Preparation Planning Checklist

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