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Collection of Attractive Apple Keynote Themes and Templates

Apple Keynote is handy and easy to use software if you were to create, design, and serve presentation slides. However, it provides limited amount of basic built-in templates. Browse through the compiled sets of Keynote templates here to create a unique presentation, portfolios, proposals, and more. All of these highly customizable templates are free to download and use.

Apple Keynote           Features

Even though the software has been launched and existed since its initial release in 2003, but a lot of people still haven’t got familiar with the Apple Keynote. It is software made by Apple to create a well-designed slideshow presentation. Check out several of its features in the list below:

  1. It is easy to use by almost anyone because the design is made to be simple.
  2. It has various elements to support a crafted and high-quality presentation.
  3. It has practical functions, such as the uncomplicated visual tools.
  4. It has appealing and straightforward graphical representation of data like charts, bar, scatter, etc.
  5. You can synchronize your Apple device to transfer the Keynote file through Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Apple Keynote           Tips and Ideas

Designing the slides is one of the parts of delivering a presentation, and for some people, it is deemed as the most difficult part. You have to cramp so much information in limited amount of space in the slides, and not making it too long to avoid the audience become boring of the topic.

Follow these tips below to serve an appealing presentation:

  1. Keep the design clean and organized

Keynote is software that meant to support the presentation from the speaker, instead of the other way around. Avoid adding unnecessary elements that can make the slides look cluttered, thus make the message become less powerful.


  1. Limit the narrative text and bullet points

The purpose of creating presentation slides is to deliver the highlight of your document. If you’re going to give them a detailed text, it is better to put it on the handout rather on the presentation.


  1. Limit the use of animations and transitions

To make the presentation look professional, stick to several types of subtle animation only. So does it with transitions between the slides.


  1. Use good quality image or graphics

Instead of using low-resolution pictures and stretch it out to fit the layout, it is better to put your own high-quality images or use stock photos in high-resolution from the internet.

Apple Keynote           Benefits

By using these readily available templates, you’d be able to create Apple Keynote slide with consistent and interesting visual theme to grab the attention of your audience. You absolutely are able to customize the design of the template that you choose as much as you’d like.

Apple Keynote           Downloadable Templates

These free downloadable templates of Apple Keynote will allow you to create beautiful presentation slides even with the most minimum designing skill. They will help you in case you want to use the software to present your most recent products, create a report, or give a talk and need a visual display supports.

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