Business Plan Keynote Template

Business Plan Keynote Template Builds Your Professionalism to Convince Investors

Even though many entrepreneurs have high confidence with their business plan, the worries about making a business plan presentation to convince the potential investors often haunt them down. Most of them doubt their ability in expressing important aspects of the plan and attracting the investors in such a short time allotment, but with business plan keynote template every single worry will be blown away.

Make a Use of Business Plan Keynote Template

A successful business is started with a successful business plan presentation. To realize one, a well-prepared presentation that shares your idea to the potential investors plays as the key. On the other hand, the visual of your presentation may also affect the audience’s interest.

Business plan keynote template is a pre-made template to help you in creating an effective and attractive business plan presentation by providing editable professional designed layout with various slides. A pack of creative icons to pin your important points is also enclosed to make your presentation more stunning.

The Purpose of Utilizing Business Plan Keynote Template

The main focus of an effective business plan keynote template is to sell your creative business idea to the investors by presenting a brief and captivating overview about your business including the way to meet the customers’ needs and the targets or goals of the business.

How to Make an Effective Presentation with Business Plan Keynote Template

Since investors are typically busy and not really interested to lengthy and prolix presentations, commonly they will give you certain time limit to present your slides. Try to distribute your slides as follows if you do not receive any suggestions from the investor.

  1. Slide 1-3

Introduce yourself (and your position), your company, and the products. Give a concise description of the market and the solutions to solve customers’ problem, also explain what makes your products unique and prospective in the market.


  1. Slide 4-6

Talk about how big the targeted market and the targeted customers here. After that, provide the growth demonstration of the market in the upcoming years (around 3-5 years later).


  1. Slide 7-8

Discuss the advantages your business has to compete in the market and to earn more profit. Inform the investor about your profit target for the upcoming 3-5 years.


  1. Slide 9-10

Present about your strategies in marketing that cover the distribution channels and strategies of selling.


  1. Slide 10++

Inform about the members of your advisory board and management team with one or two facts related to the background and experience of each name.


  1. Final slide

Mention the total of fund you need and enclose a short list of the major expense.

Rehearsing Your Business Plan Keynote Template

Once you done creating a  business plan presentation, you need to practice presenting the slides to make sure that you can appear as professional as the presentation slides you have made. Train yourself to present the slides in the limited time.

Have a print out of the business plan keynote template that you have worked on and use it to highlight the key points from every slide. Make an outline from the highlighted points and add short notes containing important explanation that you want the investors to know.


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