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Keynote Poster: Presenting Your Scientific Work in Poster Format

Are you invited to present the poster result for your study in a scientific event as a keynote speaker?  Creating a poster is already a difficult task, even more so if you are requested to summarize a whole scientific finding on one page. You will find some pointers on creating a high-quality keynote poster on this page.

Keynote Poster Design Guidelines

  1. Title choice is important

In any poster, the title should be attention-grabbing. It is because the title is the first thing that people will look for in your poster. If the title is not interesting, they will not pay attention to the rest of it.

  1. Purpose needs to be defined from the start

The purpose of the study needs to be defined from the start so that people will understand your poster’s main content. Understandably, this part must be placed close to the poster’s title.

  1. The design should be bold

Another important thing in the keynote poster: your design should be bold. The boldness may affect various components, such as color choices and font.  The bold design will captivate the audience’s attention longer.

  1. Keeping things concise is crucial

When someone looks at a poster, they have to understand the main point being delivered within seconds. Thus, you have to make sure that you are keeping the content as concise as possible.

  1. Layouting needs to be done carefully

Layouting is another important task that you need to do. This particular aspect of poster designing will determine the end result of your poster. You also have to realize that it shapes the understanding toward poster ideas.

Keynote Poster Contents

Space limitation is the main issue in a poster. However, it does not mean that you should forgo the standard content entirely. You still need to adhere to the rules because it is a formal poster that will form people’s impression toward your expertise in the area being discussed. Here are the main contents that should be presented in your poster.

  • The objective of the study or work
  • A brief introduction to the problem that leads up to the work
  • Methods used to operationalize the idea
  • Findings from the study or work
  • Conclusions

Keynote Poster Design Ideas

  1. Slide format

You can create a keynote poster with a slide format. It means that the poster would be divided into sections in the shape of the presentation slides. This way, you will have an easier time trying to arrange the content of your poster. It is a relatively safe design especially if you are presenting the scientific study.

  1. Brochure format

You can also use a brochure format for your poster. It means dividing your poster into several vertical sections. You are allowed to arrange your contents based on those sections or placing images specifically in the certain page section.

  1. Graphic centric

In this format, you need to choose images that represent your work holistically. Ideally, this image should be placed at the center of your poster whilst the textual content surrounds it. It is a little tricky to design such a poster but you cannot deny that it is very interesting.

Keynote Poster Creation

The first thing you must do when creating a keynote poster is planning the layout. It includes choosing the color scheme and dividing the poster into sections. After that, you can finally assign your content into sections that are created in the beginning. It is important to add images or graphs in your poster for easier information delivery.

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