Bartender Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

There are many people who want to be bartenders. If you are one of them, you have to use your opportunity as well as possible. Winning a job interview can be the key whether you will be hired or not. So, you should learn the following bartender interview questions and answers.

40. Bartender Interview Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Bartending Interview?

Ensure that you’ve been a guest in & researched the establishment in order to determine the interview environment as well as be familiar with the menu. The interview aims to assess your skills in customer service and whether you will be ideal for the team or not.

What Are the Top Drinks a Bartender Should Know?

A bartender should know various drinks. Some of the top drinks you must know if you want this position include Long Island Iced Tea, Dirty Martini, Dark ‘n’ Stormy, Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Aperol Spritz, etc.

What Are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers?

In the job interview, the interviewer will ask many questions. The questions may vary. However, they commonly relate to your strengths & weaknesses, the reasons why you want to work there, your goals, your relevant skills & abilities, etc.

Bartender Interview Sample

Below are some of the most common questions & answers for a bartender position:

  • How Do You Handle Multiple Patrons Requesting Drinks & Checks at the Same Time When You Also Need to Fill Supplies to Complete Orders?

If you are asked this question, it means that the interviewer want to know your ability to prioritize, willingness to ask for help when required, and ability to stay calm while under pressure. So, you can say: “Every patron must always be served timely. One of the ways is to organize similar drinks together in order to serve faster.”

  • How Do You Engage with Patrons to Make Them Repeat Customers?

Your answer should indicate that you are comfortable engaging with different guests, have techniques to engage patrons, and your demeanor with customers. The following answer will be great: “Engaging with guests is my priority. I like using humor to make people comfortable & ensure that they will have a good time.”

  • What Types of BarsHave You Worked for Previously and How Similar or Different Do You Think This Bar Will Be to Your Past Experiences?

To answer this question, you should show your awareness of various atmospheres, understanding of various styles of drinks, and any experience in a similar bar. One of the best answers for this question here: “I have bartended at a few cocktail bars. Occasionally, I only made martinis there. However, I am also familiar with the basic process. I find that the atmosphere of this bar is similar. So, I am sure that I will always enjoy working here.”

The questions of a job interview can be unpredictable. However, by understanding those bartender interview questions and answers, you will be able to prepare yourself well. So, you are ready to win the job interview. That is why you should learn the bartender interview questions and answers above.




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