Nanny Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

A nanny is more than a babysitter. He/she is a person who plays an integral role in the children’s care & development. It is not easy to be a nanny. However, the following nanny interview questions and answers will be useful & helpful for anyone who is interested in this job.

63. Nanny Interview Questions

How Should I Prepare for a Nanny Interview?

To win a job interview for a nanny position, you have to prepare yourself by getting information as much as possible about this role. Besides, you must be on time when attending the job interview. In addition, making a good impression is a must.

Then, you should also be polite. Moreover, you are required to dress appropriately. To impress the interviewer, you have to talk a lot. Interacting with children also belongs to one of the required qualifications. If there is something you don’t understand, just ask questions to the interviewer.

What Questions Are Usually Asked in a Nanny Interview?

The questions asked depend on the interviewer. Even though the questions may vary, there are a few questions that are frequently asked. So, you have to know these questions. After understanding these questions, you have to learn how to answer each question correctly.

Nanny Interview Questions and Answers Sample

The following interview questions and answers sample will be useful for you who want to be a nanny:

  • Why Do You Want to Be a Nanny?

Here, you must give information about the aspects of being a nanny appealing to you. You can simply say: “I find that becoming a nanny lets me express y imagination & creativity during play. I’m also fond of assisting children learn & grow. The love I get back from them in my care is worth more than any paycheck.”

  • What Is the Most Important Aspect of Being a Nanny?

Here is a good answer you can follow: “I my experience, there are a few important aspects related to becoming a successful nanny. At the top of the list, the aspects include being able to develop a sense of trust in a family & promoting the sense of well-being of the children.”

  • Why Do You Think Children Like & Respond to You?

To answer this question, you should list your best qualities & methods. Besides that, providing a few examples of how you handled children in the past will also be a good idea. You can use your own words to convince the interviewer.

  • How Would You Handle an Unruly Child?

For example, you can say: “Firstly, I’d attempt to find the root of the issue. Then, I’d discuss it with him/her. I’d also relay it to the caregivers or parents. Therefore, they can speak with him/her. I’d implement a structured schedule & ensure that I find time to interact with the child one-on-one and also do some of his/her favorite things.”

Are you ready to have a job interview as a nanny? Just prepare yourself as well as possible. If you have no idea about what will probably be asked by the interviewer, you can learn it from the nanny interview questions and answers above.




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