Physical Therapist Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

If you apply for a physical therapist position, you have to focus on your desired methods & specific training during the interview. To help you prioritize & look more confident, you will need to pay attention to the following physical therapist interview questions and answers.

70. Physical Therapist Interview

How Do I Prepare for a Physical Therapist Interview?

First of all, you have to prepare for the basics. Besides that, you should review your application. Then, you need to know your strengths as well as weaknesses. In addition, it is very important to review current physical therapy issues.

What Questions Are Asked in a Physical Therapist Interview?

If you are interested in the physical therapist, you have to be ready with some possible questions asked by the interviewer. The questions may vary related to specialized training, what you expect from the job, your experience, and many more. So, you have to prepare how you will answer those questions.

Physical Therapy Interview Sample

The following questions and answers sample will be helpful for you to prepare for a physical therapist interview:

  • What Do You Enjoy the Most about Your Career? The Least?

A good answer may sound like: “I like helping people & teaching them how to help themselves despite disabilities or injuries the most. But I dislike the notion that physical therapy is something we ‘do to’ patients. Patients who take an active role in the therapy more likely succeed.”

  • Which Equipment Will You Use Most often?

You can answer like this: “Even though my hands are the most proficient and best equipment to me, I can also operate electrical and ultrasound stimulation machines. I’m also familiar with balls, bands, etc.”

  • Which Physical & Personal Qualities Do You Have?

You should answer it methodically and honestly. For example, you can say: “I know that I’ll have the responsibility to lift upwards of 50 pounds every day and that much of my day will be spent on my feet. I’m patient and compassionate but I’m also determined. Therefore, I strive to motivate patients with positive reinforcement.”

  • What Special Traits Will You Bring to the PT Department?

You can provide an answer that is similar to: “In my training, I’ve learned that listening carefully to patients belongs to the most important traits that can be learned by a physical therapist. Doing so will be helpful for us to learn the physical limitations of our patients and make therapy programs better for them.”

A physical therapist is one of the most challenging careers. However, this job is very exciting. If you are interested in this job position, you will have to excel at your interview so that it can prove to the interviewer that you have what it needs to be a physical therapist.

To be successful & maintain a good relationship of working with your coworkers and your superiors, you should win the interview first. That is why we provide you physical therapist interview questions and answers for your reference.




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