Store Manager Interview Questions and Answers and Its Sample

A store manager has a great responsibility. If you are interested to fulfill this position, you have to convince the hiring employer during the job interview. We provide you store manager interview questions and answers. You can use these questions and answers for your reference.

30. Store Manager Interview Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Store Manager Interview?

In the context of a job interview, you have to prepare your answers for the questions about your abilities to see products, solve problems, and make an enjoyable & comfortable environment with good customer service. You must also be ready to discuss your previous experience in retail or sales.

How Can I Be a Good Store Manager?

To be a good store manager, you have to focus on your goals. In this case, you must have sales targets to meet. Besides that, you should also be data-driven. As we know, data is very important the success of retailers. Then, it is also very important to embrace new technologies.

In addition, you must also be able to value & save time. Moreover, you need to take the lead. Furthermore, you are required to show genuine interest. Besides, you will have to match the praise to the effort. One more, you must be comfortable with delegation.

Store Manager Interview Sample

For your reference, you can pay attention to the following sample of interview questions & answers for a store manager position:

  • How Have You Sold ‘ABC Product’ in the Past?

The interviewer wants to know how you sell similar product in the past based on your experience. You can say: “When I was in the university, I worked in a fashion store. I could sell ABC T-shirts more often than BBC T-shirts because they belong to my favorite brands. I’m familiar with your products so that I’m sure that I can build value & need for this product needed to sell it.”

  • How Did You Overcome Objections when Selling That Product?

Most common problems relate to price and lack of need. So, you can say: “Customers usually objected to buy ABC T-shirts because the prices are lower than BBC T-shirts. But I told them that ABC T-shirts are more comfortable & last longer, too. This was very effective in selling that product.”

  • How Would You Help an Employee Who Is Struggling to Meet Sales Goals?

“I’d observe him/her in an effort first to determine why he/she has difficulty. After finding the problem, I’d take the time to role play with him/her. Therefore, he/she can practice portraying confidence, overcoming projection, etc.” will be an impressive answer.

  • How Would You Handle an Understaffed Shift?

You can simply answer: “I’d contact the employees scheduled off that day first to know whether they’re willing to cover the shift. If not, I’ll cover that shift on myself.”

A store manager has many great responsibilities. Besides learning these store manager interview questions and answers, you should also rest well, arrive on time, and wear excellent dress to impress the interviewer.




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